Thinking About Using Amazon Web Services? Read This First

Amazon Web Services is One of the Most Popular Public Cloud Platforms Available.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

One of the most pressing tasks a company must handle is its search for a reliable and secure platform that caters to its hosting needs. Computing power, data storage, and security are all important factors that companies need to consider when searching for a cloud-based platform. While you can easily find numerous platforms with just one Google search, you will quickly find that one cloud-based platform stands out from the rest — Amazon Web Services. 

Amazon Web Services is a popular solution for companies of all sizes and industries looking to streamline their business operations. If this is your first time reading about it, don’t worry. In this article, we’re reviewing all of the info you need to know about Amazon Web Services and its benefits:

  • Basic overview of Amazon Web Services
  • Companies that use Amazon Web Services
  • Tips for deciding whether or not Amazon Web Services is the best choice for your company

What is Amazon Web Services?

We’ll start with the basics of this popular cloud storage platform

What is Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offers data management, security, and more for companies looking to improve their efficiency and productivity. Whether you are a small start-up or a large corporation, you can find numerous benefits and improvements from working with Amazon Web Services. 

Most companies who switch over to cloud-based services did so in order to avoid dealing with the cost of maintaining a physical data center. Because Amazon Web Services is a cloud-based platform, clients no longer need to worry about maintaining a physical data center. It’s all in the cloud. In addition to storing and managing data, Amazon Web Services also offers products for:

  • Security 
  • Development
  • Analytics
  • Networking
  • Application Integration
  • Customer Engagement
  • Machine Learning
  • Media Services

The main end goals of these services are to help organizations operate at a quicker pace, lower their IT costs, and scale their overall business operations.

Why Companies Turn to Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offer three main benefits to users:

  1. Increased Security
  2. Cost-Effectiveness
  3. Scalability 

Let’s explore each of them in-depth.

1. Increased Security

For many companies, security remains a top priority. Rather than store their own data and face an increased risk of a security breach, they are turning to cloud-based platforms like Amazon Web Services. With Amazon Web Services, companies can add a further layer of protection for their data by employing multiple data centers, automating security monitoring, and managing user privileges.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Companies have the choice of either creating their own storage space or using a cloud-based platform. Unsurprisingly, the former option is typically more expensive. In-house storage space requires regular maintenance, and its costs are not automatically scaled. Cloud-based storage solutions like Amazon Web Services handle the storage operations and will also scale your cost based on the amount of storage you actually used.

3. Scalability

Speaking of scalability, Amazon Web Services caters to companies of all sizes. When larger companies switch over to Amazon Web Services, they can begin to streamline certain business operations and improve efficiencies. Growing start-ups never have to worry about outgrowing the platform, as Amazon Web Services’ features can easily adapt to their changing needs.

Companies That Use Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services caters to companies across numerous industries such as hospitality, clothing, entertainment, and more

Companies That Use AWS

Netflix, Airbnb, and Dunkin Donuts are just a few companies that use Amazon Web Services. Smaller companies who have partnered with Amazon Web Services have also seen substantial growth. 

Amazon Web Services has a long list of illustrious clients from different industries, including:

  • Salesforce DMP
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • CDC
  • Fox
  • BBC
  • The Walt Disney Company

When it comes to services like data migration, Amazon Web Services has helped large corporations like Samsung, Twenty-First Century Fox, and The Coca-Cola Company successfully transfer large amounts of data to the cloud. This has helped the companies save thousands of dollars in IT services while also improving their productivity.

How to Decide Whether or Not Amazon Web Services is Right for Your Company

Check out these tips for deciding if Amazon Web Services can be helpful to your business

Decide AWS is Right for Your Company

Amazon Web Services offers numerous benefits to companies from a wide variety of industries. If you’re looking for a centralized platform where you can scale and manage all of your hosting needs, Amazon Web Services might be just what you need. 

So, how can you decide if Amazon Web Services is right for you? If you’re looking to transfer your data to a cloud-based platform that is both cost-effective and scalable, AWS might be the solution you’ve been looking for. AWS has helped companies manage their data, improve security, and streamline their operations for years. It might be time for you to join the club. 

Since its initial launch in 2006, Amazon Web Services has enjoyed a top spot among other public cloud platforms for its tight security and advanced capabilities. Are you thinking of joining the hundreds of companies who have already implemented Amazon Web Services into their operations? Let us know!

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