Apple M1 Max Price, Specs, Gaming, GPU Performance

Apple M1 Max Price, Specs, Gaming, GPU Performance?

Searching for all these details, if yes then you are in the right place.

This time apple elevates its competition against Intel to the next level.

And Apple continues its struggle against Intel by releasing two more processors namely M1 Pro and M1 Max.

Both are professional grade processors that come in 14-inch as well as 16-inch Macbook Pros.

In the previous post, I have already talked about Macbook Pro Notch and now let’s talk about its processor’s performance thoroughly.

The new processor i.e M1 Max brings lots of changes in terms of design, benchmarks, GPU performance, battery life, memory bandwidth, and more.

So, let’s get started & get some more info about this.

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Apple M1 Max Price, Specs, Gaming, GPU Performance

To enhance the performance of M1 Max compared to the M1, the brand Apple has implemented great efforts. These efforts are focused on processing power, memory bandwidth, battery life, and more.

At first glance, it may seem perplexing to believe that this M1 Max boasts excellent performance. However, when you go through each of the following sections, you will know how this processor uniquely benefits the Macbook Pro’s overall performance.

So, let’s go through each of the following sections…

Apple M1 Max Price

Pricing and Availability

The M1 Max variant equipped with a 24-core GPU comes at a price of INR 2,99,900. This price is for 32 GB RAM and a 512 GB storage variant. But if you want a 64 GB RAM variant then the price reaches up to INR 3,39,900. If you want to get the 32-core GPU variant having 32 GB RAM and 512 GB storage space then the price will be INR 3,09,900. The costliest variant is the one with 8 TB space and 64 GB RAM. It costs INR 5,79,900. Keep in mind that you could only obtain up to 64 GB RAM with the M1 Max chipset. It is not being supported over the M1 Pro.

Looks confusing then check out this price table.

Apple’ M1 Max Price14” Inch16” Inch
DubaiAED 8,499AED 10,599


In this macbook, Apple promises to provide the latest technology which is almost way far better than any other company. If we calculate this in years, then these Macbook variants are easily 5 years ahead.

Apple M1 Max Specs ( Specifications )

Specs or Specifications

Specs or Specifications, this is the best part of this post because Apple has done a very great job in terms of upgrading the specifications. No one has ever imagined that they will be getting this powerful performance from a macbook pro notebook.

Let’s get some more info from this Apple M1 Max Specs table.

Family M series
ISA ARMv8.5-A (64-bit)
Process Node5 nm
Transistors57 billion
Base Frequency2.1 GHz
Turbo frequency3.2 GHz
Cache Memory24 MB
Max Memory Capacity64 GB
Memory TypesLPDDR5-6400
Max. Number of Memory Channels4
Max. Memory Bandwidth409.6 GB/s
Energy Cores2x Apple Icestorm @ 2.06 GHz
High Performance Cores8x Apple Firestorm @ 3.2 GHz
GPU Integrated GraphicsApple M1 Max GPU
GPU Cores32

Apple M1 Max Gaming


Irrespective of the power, the Apple M1 Max delivers outstanding gaming performance. Even when operated at peak performance, it draws maximum power up to 100 W. This much power is significantly lesser than a high-end PC laptop equipped with a discrete GPU. Built-in 32-core GPU in the M1 Max processor generates similar performance like an Nvidia RTX 2080 GPU as well as the latest PS5 gaming console from Sony. Even after multiple hours of gaming, you will never experience a lag in responsiveness and gaming graphics.

Apple M1 Max GPU Benchmarks [ Geekbench ]

Apple M1 Max GPU Benchmarks - Geekbench

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The Geekbench listing depicts different scores of Apple’s M1 chip. From the single-core test being carried out, it was found that the Apple M1 Max’s score is 1749. But, this chip demonstrates a noteworthy enhancement in the multi-core performance test by Geekbench in which its score is 11,542. This score is actually double the M1 chip that drives the prevailing MacBook Pro (13-inch). Moreover, it is found that M1 Max performed quite better compared to every Mac chipset.

Apple M1 Max Vs RTX 3080 GPU Performance

According to Apple’s study, M1 Max’s GPU performs much better than Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3080. Moreover, apple’s chip consumes 100W less power and gives an equal performance which means it consumes 40% less power.

Apple M1 Max Performance


The M1 Max chip showcases industry-leading performance per watt. It boasts outstanding power efficiency leading to excellent performance. Moreover, M1 Max showcases the identical 10-core CPU like M1 Pro. It comes with a huge 32-core GPU to provide 4x faster graphics performance compared to M1.

M1 Max is equipped with two larger chips consisting of 57 billion transistors. This implies that it contains the most cores, most memory, and also claims to be the biggest performance wins. There are 10 cores in the CPU which are categorized as 2 efficiency cores and 8 performance cores.

The excellent performance by M1 Max can also be gauged from its memory bandwidth. It provides up to 400GB/s of memory bandwidth which is twice that of M1 Pro and approx. 6 times that of M1.

Apple M1 Max Memory Bandwidth

Apple M1 Max Memory Bandwidth

The M1 Max provides a maximum of 400 GB/s of memory bandwidth. This figure is twice that of the M1 Pro. Also, the 400 GB/s memory bandwidth is almost six times that of the M1. Moreover, M1 Max supports unified memory of up to 64 GB.

To provide excellent memory bandwidth, M1 Max is equipped with the latest media engines with ProRes accelerators which are purposely for pro video processing. Owing to its supreme performance, the M1 Max proves to be the greatest powerful chip designed for Pro notebooks.

Apple M1 Max Battery Life

Battery life

The battery life performance of the Apple M1 Max is quite identical to that of the MacBook M1 Pro series laptops (16-inch). This implies that Apple M1 Max can last for a maximum of 21 hours even when you do media playback. Its battery life is up to 14 hours when you perform Internet surfing.

The 16-inch M1 Max boasts few upgraded features compared to the 14-inch alternative which contains a 100Wh Li-Po battery. Moreover, M1 Max comes with the USB-C to MagSafe 3 type charging cable which is also available with the M1 Pro.

That’s it for now…


So, that’s all about the apple new macbook pro variant M1 Max 2021. And you can see that it actually boasts outstanding performance and is implemented with great power efficiency. It comes with a system-on-a-chip design and long battery life that keeps you focused on your work or gaming for hours.

Moreover, in the apple unleased event, the team also described the RTX 3090 GPU performance which will be covered later.

Stay tuned for the next post…

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