Choosing between a free and a paid plagiarism checker – Why Duplichecker

Choosing between a free and paid plagiarism checker can be difficult. There are hundreds of paid and free plagiarism tools on the web, but sadly, not all are reliable. Duplichecker is one of the most popular tool in this league, and there are many reasons behind it. 

This post will find the different features of duplichecker, which make it better than any other plagiarism detector on the web. Still, before you move towards the special features, we would like you to understand plagiarism checks importance.

A plagiarism check is very important, and this is only because it can land you in an awfully bad position and has awfully bad consequences. There is a misconception that free plagiarism checker tools are not reliable if compared to paid ones. You can say that this statement is true to some intent, but this is dependent on the tool and its services. 

Many free plagiarism checker tools probably provide more accurate services than paid ones and vice versa, so if you want to choose between a free and paid tool, you must look at its work and features.

Why should you choose Duplichecker?

A quite common question that is asked by users today is why they should choose duplichecker. Well, the answer is not so quite short and simple. You can only understand why this tool is better than others if you read about these pros. 

Below, we have listed some of the common advantages that you can enjoy with this online utility.

Free vs Paid Services!

This utility website can provide you free checking services. You can scan up to thousand words with its free plagiarism checker service without paying anything and going through the restrictions of signing in. The free package of this plagiarism tool is no less than its paid services, so rest assured that it would detect your content like Sherlock Holmes.

Flexible pricing plans!

Unlike other plagiarism checker tools, the paid plans are quite flexible. This site offers more than twenty different paid plans, which are very much affordable. The price range starts from $20 and goes up to $200. You must know that each package offered by this plagiarism checker provides value for money.

Secure services!

The plagiarism checker provides the security services. The majority of plagiarism checker tools on the web are not secure to use, and your content is always at the risk of getting stolen by people on the web. The content that you check for plagiarism stays secure, and so you can check all sorts of content with this tool without privacy.

Can check all document formats!

 The majority of plagiarism tools would only allow the checking of Word and PDF files. Still, you must know that this online plagiarism checker can check up to more than twelve different document formats. This increases the credibility of the website.

Works in different languages!

This feature of duplichecker also sets it apart from the majority of plagiarism tools on the web. It works in around twenty different languages, which adds value to its versatility. This is also one reason why this plagiarism detector is better for people from across the globe.

Highlighted matches!

One of the best things about this online copyright checker is that it would highlight the duplicate content in red color, making it easier for you to manually compare the text and find out if it is being accused of deliberate plagiarism or is a case of an accidental one. 

Get Detailed plagiarism reports!

When you check plagiarism in your content, you would be given a detailed plagiarism report. This report would tell you about the words/phrases that are duplicates, and you would also find the exact percentage of plagiarism in the content. The reports would also tell you about the exactly matched sources. 

Paraphrasing Duplicate content!

This duplication checker is better than others because it can easily help you paraphrase the content which has plagiarism in it. Removing plagiarism is not an easy job, but you can do it like a pro with this utility. 

Artificial intelligence!

Artificially enhanced working and advanced algorithms of these tools make it one of the most accurate web services. This online tool can easily detect duplication in the smallest phrases, thanks to AI. You would not find a similarity checker that can give out these kinds of accurate services for free.

Updated database!

The database of Duplichecker consists of more than billions of websites and webpages, which are updated regularly. This is why the results that this tool gets are more reliable than any other free or paid tool in its league!

Considering these features, you would find ease in deciding between paid and free plagiarism checker tools. If you have to check a limited word count, you can hang out with the free package. The paid plans would also tempt you because of their value-to-cost ratio.


And I think now you have actually got an idea to which type of Plagiarism Checker you should use and how different they in terms of free and premium version.

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