How to Save Windows 10 Spotlight Images [ Lock Screen Pictures ]

Do you really want to find the location of these lock screen pictures and save windows 10 spotlight images to your laptop?

If yes then this post is definitely for you.

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But before we go through the actual process let’s see some impressive facts.

According to ZDNet, Microsoft says Windows 10 now runs on 825 million devices and becoming more popular than Windows 7.

And Here a big question arises “Why Windows 10 is becoming more popular?”.

According to me, this version of windows is becoming more popular because of its fancy & powerful features. I really like windows 10 & its features especially the Windows Spotlight feature.

And if you have enabled this windows 10 spotlight images feature, then windows will automatically change or update your lock screen wallpaper at a specific interval of time.

The good thing about this feature is that you don’t have to see your old boring lock screen wallpaper every day. So every time you login into your windows, you will see a new beautiful login screen background image from microsoft.

But what if you really liked the new updated lock screen image and want to save a copy of it on your hard drive.

However, there is no official way from Microsoft to save these images. And also these images are deeply buried into some hidden directories.

But don’t worry I have a solution.

So In this post, I will show you how to find the location and save these windows 10 Spotlight Images and also use them as your desktop wallpaper.

Let’s see How…

How to Save Windows 10 Spotlight Images

This tutorial is divided into two parts: First, We will find the  Windows Spotlight Images or lock screen pictures and then convert them into usable formats.

1. First, Open Run Command Box

For this, you can simply press & hold Windows Key + R to Open Run Command dialog box. Or you can search for Run in the start menu & hit enter.

Run Command Box

2. Enter the Command & Click Ok

Now, Enter the given command of windows spotlight images location in the Run dialog box and click Ok. I would suggest you to simply to copy-paste the code given below.

Windows Spotlight Images Location


3. Copy files from Assets Folder

After running the command you will find a folder named Assets. In this folder, you find all the stored windows 10 spotlight images or pictures in some different invalid formats.

Assets Folder

4. Create a New Spotlight Image Folder

Now, Create a New Folder and Copy all the spotlight pictures from the Assets folder and paste them into that new folder.

Spotlight Image Folder

Note:- While Copying these files to the New Folder, you will see a warning dialog box, ignore & simply click Ok.

5. Convert to .Jpg Extension

You can see that all spotlight pictures available in New Folder are in some blank invalid formats with no extension. And to make them usable we need to Rename all the files to .Jpg extension.

But renaming all the files one by one will be time-consuming. So, we will use the command prompt.

And to Open the command prompt, type cmd in the address bar of Windows Explorer & hit Enter.

cmd Address bar

Now Command prompt dialog box will open up and type Ren *.* *.jpg & hit Enter. This cmd command will rename all the files to .jpg extension present in that folder.

Cmd Command prompt

And That’s it!

Windows 10 Spotlight Wallpaper

Note:- Some of the files will remain the same as they are cached junk files of no use and we can delete them easily.

Bonus Tip:- Some of the images you will find in vertical portrait mode. And You can use them for your smartphone’s lock screen.


This is how you can easily find the location where windows spotlight images are stored or cached and can use these as pictures as your wallpaper. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and Use this awesome method to save these windows 10 lock screen images & set them as your desktop background.

Feel free to comment below and also tell us if you know any better way to save and use these windows spotlight images in windows 10.

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