Joe Biden Rolls Out Affordable Student Loan Relief Plan

President Biden is working on big actions to relieve students from their debt.

Changing the way students pay back their loans, so that they can pay less each month and won’t have to worry about some interests or charges.

The changes that are being suggested could save students up to $2,000 every year on their loans.

Lots of Americans who are eligible can sign up for this new plan.

Some parts of President Biden's plan to help with student debt have been stopped by the courts in the US.

The Supreme Court has said no to canceling $430 billion of student loan debt.

Federal court has stopped a rule that was supposed to help students who were cheated by their schools to get their loans forgiven.

After taking a break because of Covid-19, students need to start paying back their loans again; President Biden is focusing on the economy.

There's a plan called "SAVE" that makes students to pay less each month based on how much they earn, and they can also get their loans forgiven faster through this plan.

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