Key Moments from the 2024 Republican Presidential Debate

Mike Pence and Chris Christie criticized Vivek Ramaswamy as inexperienced and challenged his support for pardoning Trump.

Pence and Christie Challenge Ramaswamy

Nikki Haley emphasized her status as the only woman on stage, highlighting her unique perspective.

Nikki Haley Stands Out

Despite potential convictions, most candidates indicated their continued support for Donald Trump as the party's nominee.

Support for Trump Despite Conviction

The first Republican debate of 2024 was intense and dramatic, even in the absence of the best Donald Trump.

Fireworks Despite Trump's Absence

Mike Pence refused to commit to pardoning Trump if elected but left the possibility open, citing the need for due process.

Pence's Stance on Pardoning Trump

The debate's first hour saw attacks on Vivek Ramaswamy by Pence and Christie, questioning his age and political experience.

Ramaswamy's Defenses Attacked

Candidates defended Mike Pence's actions on January 6th, with most supporting his decisions as Vice President.

Debate on Jan. 6 Actions

Candidates clashed over a national abortion ban, with DeSantis and Haley offering nuanced responses while Pence and Scott supported a ban.

Abortion Ban Debates

Nikki Haley emphasized the effectiveness of women in leadership, referencing Margaret Thatcher's quote.

Haley Highlights Gender

The debate covered climate change doubts, contrasting views on Ukraine funding, and foreign policy disagreements.

Climate Change and Foreign Policy Disputes

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