Vivek Ramaswamy: 10 Key Points About the Republican Presidential Winner?

Background and Upbringing:

At 38, Vivek Ramaswamy was born in Ohio to Indian immigrant parents. Raised Hindu, he attended a Catholic high school. He holds a biology degree from Harvard and is a Yale Law School graduate.

Early Career Success:

Before finishing Yale, Ramaswamy earned millions as a hedge fund investor. In 2014, he started Roivant Sciences, a biotech firm acquiring drug patents. Forbes valued him at $630M in 2023.

Libertarian Past:

In college, Ramaswamy was a libertarian, even rapping as "Da Vek" on the theme. He backed Trump in 2020 after not voting in previous elections.

Anti-Woke Stance:

In his 2021 bestseller 'Woke, Inc.,' Ramaswamy slams firms joining social justice and climate causes. He strongly opposes "wokeism," seeing it harm capitalism, hard work, and patriotism.

Republican Presidential Bid:

Announcing in February, Ramaswamy's candidacy seemed unlikely. Polling low, he's catching up to rivals like DeSantis. He supports Trump, and courts evangelicals, stressing US and Judeo-Christian values.

Conservative Policies:

Ramaswamy takes conservative stances: anti-affirmative action, state abortion limits, stronger presidency, and cutting agencies like the FBI, Education Dept.

Nationalist Identity:

While Hindu, Ramaswamy emphasizes "Christian" and "Judeo-Christian" US foundations. He's an American nationalist aiming to unite diverse voters.

Foreign Policy Views:

Ramaswamy rejects Ukraine's NATO entry, and proposes Russia concessions for peace, including letting Russia keep some occupied Ukrainian areas.

Business Acumen:

Starting with hedge funds, Ramaswamy founded Roivant Sciences, showcasing business acumen and financial prowess.

Rapid Conservative Ascension:

With a bestselling book and strong conservative stance, Ramaswamy swiftly rose in right-wing circles, emerging as a 2024 Republican presidential race contender.

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