Apple iPhone 13: Release Date, Price, Specs, Rumors, Leaks

Are you ready for the new Apple iPhone 13?

If yes then you are in the right place.

Recently, Apple has officially confirmed the new iPhone 2021 will be going to be launched this September month.

But there are still so many rumors and leaks that are flooding the internet.

Like what will be the new name, price, specs, pre-order booking dates, colors, satellite, 120hz display, and many more.

Also, most of the users also think that there will be an iPhone Fold device or the new device will be named as iPhone 14.

But they are not totally correct & will be soon revealed in the Live launch event by Apple this year.

Furthermore, you can also check out this detailed post.

So, let’s get started…

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Apple iPhone 13 Release Date, Price, Specs, Rumors, Leaks

Although, Apple has always been ahead in terms of technology and innovations. All the time users are very much excited to know what coming this year and what new things will be added to their list.

Every year, a new iPhone is launched with new technologies and innovative designs. Last year, iPhone 12 was launched in four different models which was a big success for the Apple team. Most of the users pre-ordered the device straight after watching the event launch.

And most of the users are still searching “Should I buy iPhone 12 or wait for 13?“. I don’t know what to say about this but I would suggest to first check the iPhone 13 prices, specs and then decide smartly.

Now let’s move to the release date part…

Apple iPhone 13 Release or Launch Date

Apple iPhone 13 Release or Launch Date

If we look at the history of the company, all the new iPhones have been launched or released in September and October months. And that’s why most of the users were also expecting the release this month.

And they were absolutely right because a few days ago, Apple has officially announced that the new iPhone 2021 series will be launched this month worldwide including the USA, UAE, UK, Cannada, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Qatar, Japan, and Delhi, India.

In nutshell, Apple iPhone 13 is going to be released on 14 September 2021. And all the new iPhone series will be launched in the Live Event.

Now let’s check the rumors and leaks…

Apple iPhone 13 Rumors and Leaks

Apple iPhone 13 Rumors and Leaks

Although, there are many rumors and leaks related to iPhone 13 features but here we will only list the major ones which are possible.

And we will be updating this list on regular basis:-

  • September 24 is the new iPhone release date. ( But it’s not confirmed whether its for the phone or other devices )
  • Apple Watch Series 7 & AirPods 3 to be launched in this Live Event.
  • Similar size like iPhone 12 devices.
  • Series of four models like iPhone 13, Mini, Pro & Pro Max.
  • Smaller Notch or maybe Notchless.
  • Better 5G compatibility for faster speed.
  • Newly built A15 Bionic Chip.
  • Satellite communication without cellular network.
  • Better battery backup as compared to previous models.
  • Dynamic 120Hz refersh rate display.
  • Improved Camera Lens for Astrophotography feature.
  • iPhone 13 new colors like Pink, Rose Pink, Black & Bronze.

And last, there will be a straight iPhone 14 Model because the 13 number is superstitious and unlucky.

Now let’s move to the pricing part…

Apple iPhone 13 Price

Apple iPhone 13 Price

Apple products are the most premium products in the tech industry and that’s why most of the users are always looking for better prices. Apart from this, I have also seen many users asking that “Buy iPhone 12 now or wait for the new 13 Model?

And in that situation, I can only advise you that you should wait for the new Apple 2021 device and then decide which to take. Because this will give you a clear idea of this and maybe after this launch, the price of the iPhone 12 is lower down.

Apart from this, Apple has got a notification from TSMC for a price hike which may result in a higher price of the iPhone 13 series. Also, this hike will be done all over the world including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, America, Nepal, and Malaysia.

Now let’s move to the specifications part…

Apple iPhone 13 Specs

Apple iPhone 13 Specs

However, we have already talked much about some specs that are leaked in the above section. And we can say that some of the rumors can be correct and will be available in the new iPhone 13 models.

Here we will talk deeply about each specification.


Although, the previous iPhone 12 was pretty amazing in design but here in the new generation of Apple iPhones users are expecting much better. Apart from this if we look at the design of all the previous models then we can say that iPhone 13 would be somewhat similar to iPhone 12.

The only major difference we can see this time is the camera position, a smaller notch, and a bigger screen.


If we look at the previous models, the size of the iPhone has not changed much. And this time also, the size of the iPhone 13 model will be similar to the previous 12 series models.

Apart from this, it is assumed that they might increase the size of the Pro and Pro Max models. Because most of the users really like using big screen size phone but due to which the thickness may increase to 7.57mm.

This thickness may increase or decrease in different models like Mini, Pro & Pro Max by 0.17mm or 0.1mm.


One thing which I really like about iPhone products is that they have high-quality displays with amazing colors. Although, the previous AMOLED and RETINA display was amazing but this time you will be getting somewhat the best out there.

According to rumors, this time Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Max version will have a display of 120Hz refresh rates. This will be a great upgrade for every iPhone user as this will produce much smoother and high-quality images as compared to the previous models.


iPhone’s camera quality is way far better than any mobile phone whether it’s Samsung or Oneplus. But if you compare some of the previous models from Samsung then you can say that they have a higher power of the telescopic lens.

And that’s why we can expect that iPhone 13 will have a better ultra-wide camera and can upgrade its telephoto lens. Moreover, this will have higher megapixels and improved quality for modes like Portrait or video recording.


For iPhone users, the low battery has always been an issue because they have never focused on giving more battery power. But if we look at the leaks and rumors we can assume that this time Apple will be giving large devices with optimized battery life.

iPhone 13 will have a better battery for different models like Pro will have 3,095 mAh and the Mini will have 2,406 mAh which is much better as compared to the previous iPhone 12.


Apple’s iPhone is very well known for its performance and smooth experience through all tasks. And this is only possible because of the most powerful chipset developed by Apple.

In iPhone 13, there will be an A15 Bionic chip which is the most powerful chipset till 2021. Also, according to rumors, this can be the first iPhone to have a storage of 1TB.


As smartphones are getting advanced and powerful, the Notch is getting smaller. And this Notch plays a very important role in making the phone look more classy and impressive. Apart from this, these days many smartphone companies are working on foldable phones rather than making the notch smaller.

But this won’t happen with apple and will give a smaller notch.

In iPhone 13, there will be a smaller waterdrop notch or notchless design for all devices whether it’s Pro or Pro Max.

Touch ID and Face ID

According to rumors, this time Apple can use the in-display fingerprint technology in iPhone 13. But I don’t think Apple will use this technology because it’s already present on most android smartphones.

Also, we have seen in many reports that Apple wants to completely remove the Touch ID feature from their device. And that’s why they making the Face ID feature much more powerful which can detect masks and foggy faces.

Moreover, if look at the iOS 15 update which is going to be released they are working on dual biometric authentication. So, that they can use both Touch ID and Face ID features for better security.

Apple iPhone 13 New Colors

Apple iPhone 13 New Colors

Image credit: 4RMD

If we look at the previous iPhone models then we can say that apple always brings new colors to their phones. Not only this they also work on their finish for better texture shades like Jet black and Matt finish.

According to rumors, they will be adding new colors like pink and orange to their list. But I don’t think this is true and it’s baseless.

In nutshell, Apple iPhone 13 can have 5 new colors including silver, rose pink, sunset gold, matte black with graphite texture.

That’s it for now…


So, that’s all about the new iPhone 13 and their fours different models. Till now, nothing is confirmed and everyone is assuming about the specification, Pricing, and other things.

Also, if the news is correct then we will definitely be going to see the new iPhone 2021 releasing this September 14 at 10 am.

Stay tuned for the Pre-Orders and bookings.

Feel free to share your thoughts and also tell us if you want anything to be added in this post of Apple iPhone 13 Release Date, Price, Specs, Rumors, Leaks.

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