How to Block Someone on YouTube 2020 [100% Working]

Want to block someone on youtube?

If yes, then this post is definitely gonna help you for sure.

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Youtube. One of the most engaging & entertaining site on the web.

But some users on this site are only to spread negativity.

They spam. Pass Negative comments only to let you down.

If you are a blogger or a Youtuber then you must have faced this negative situation.

And in that negative situation, you probably think of “Is there any solution” instead of deleting their comments.

And the answer is YES.

So in this post, I will show you how to block a youtube channel, user or comments from showing up.

Let’s see how it works…

Block Someone on YouTube Channel

This tutorial is divided into two parts in which I will be showing you how to ban someone on youtube using a computer, iPhone & Android Mobile.

So let’s get started.

Ban a Youtube Channel on Computer

This part of the tutorial works with all browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Just follow these simple steps.

1. Open Youtube & Login into that account from which you want to block a specific channel or user on youtube.

Block a Specific Channel on Youtube

2. Now Go to the Profile Page of the Channel or the User.

Channel Profile Page

3. And then Go to the About section of the page.

About Section of Page

4. Now below the Stats, Click on the Grey flag icon.

Grey Flag Icon

5. Select Block user & then Click on Submit.

Block user on Youtube

And Done! You have successfully blocked someone on youtube from commenting on your videos.

If still, they are appearing or showing up videos on Homepage, then click on the three vertical dot icon & Select Don’t recommend channel.

Don't recommend channel

Ban a Youtube Channel on iPhone/Android

This method is valid for both iOS & Android Youtube App.

1. Open the Youtube App on your mobile device.

2. Now Go to the Profile page of the User or the Channel for which you want to block.

Profile page of the Channel

3. Now Click on the three vertical dot icon.

Block User

4. Select Block user & then finally Click on Block.

Block User from Commenting Youtube

This will help you to block them from commenting on your videos.

And if you also want to stop videos appearing & showing up on the home screen, then click on the three vertical dot icon & Select Not interested.

Don't Recommend Channel on App

Tip:- For better experience also Select Don’t recommend channel.

That’s it.


Q. What happens when you block someone on youtube?

Ans. When you block someone, You only stop them from commenting on your channel but not hiding videos from them.

And if you want to block yourself from seeing their videos, then you must select the Don’t recommend channel.


So that’s how you can easily ban someone from commenting on youtube channel using devices like Chromebook, iPhone, iPad & Android.

And also you can perform this using different Apps & extensions like video blocker chrome or the video blocker firefox.

Stay tuned for the next posts…

Feel free to share your thoughts and also tell us if you know any better way on How to Block Someone on YouTube in 2020.

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