Install Windows 7 On VirtualBox Virtual Machine: How to Guide

How to Install Windows 7 On VirtualBox Virtual Machine
Do you want to know how to install windows 7 on VirtualBox?

If yes keep reading this post.

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I know installing windows 7 in 2019 is pretty outdated.

But some people like me really like windows 7.

And the bad news for them is that Windows 7 is going to end this January 2020 & after that, no security updates will be provided to it.

Also in this generation of internet using any windows OS without any security update is like a threat.

But don't worry I have a solution.

So in this post, I will show you how to install Windows 7 on a virtual machine in Windows 10 safely.

Let's see How.

Install Windows 7 On VirtualBox Virtual Machine

But before we begin.

Please make sure that you have a Windows 7 ISO for Virtualbox.

And if you don't have an ISO file you can download it from Microsoft.

Moreover, if you have a windows 7 bootable USB then you can easily convert bootable USB to an iso file.

And this tutorial is divided into two parts, one is creating Windows 7 virtual machine & another one is installing windows 7 on Virtualbox.

So Let's get started...

1. Install & Open Virtualbox

Download & Install Virtualbox from the given link. And after installation is completed Open it. Download link...

Install Virtualbox

2. Create a Virtual Machine

Click on the New button to create a virtual machine.

Create a Virtual Machine

Now it will ask for Name, Type of OS like Microsoft windows and Version of OS like Windows 7 64bit. And then Click on Next.

Windows 7 64bit

3. Memory Size (RAM)

Now select the amount of memory (RAM) to be allocated to the virtual machine. As for the Windows 7 Virtual PC recommended memory size is 2048Mb or 2Gb.

Virtual PC RAM

4. Create Virtual Hard Disk

And the next step is creating a virtual hard drive for this virtual machine. And the recommended size is 32Gb. Just click on Create.

Create a Virtual Hard drive

Now select the VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) option as a Hard disk file type.

VirtualBox Disk Image

Now select the Dynamically allocated option as a type of storage on the physical hard disk. Click on Next.

Dynamically allocated

Now Select the File location and size of the virtual hard drive.

File location and size

5. Configuring Virtual Machine

Now your Win7 Virtual machine is ready & here comes the configuration part. Click on Settings.
Win7 Virtual machine

In the next screen, Go to Storage, then in the storage devices Click on Empty and then in optical drives Click on Cd icon to Choose a disk file... So that you can install windows 7 on Virtualbox from ISO file.

Windows 7 virtualbox image

Now Browse to the Windows 7 ISO image file, then Select & Click on Open.

Windows 7 ISO image file

That's it! Your windows 7 Virtualbox is ready to run. So Click on Start & it will start booting and loading the windows 7 files.

Windows 7 Virtualbox

And Done! You can see Windows 7 Virtual Machine Running properly.

Windows 7 Virtual Machine


So that's how you can easily install windows 7 in a virtual machine in Windows 10 using Virtual Box. And you can also follow the same method for Virtual PC & VMware.

Stay tuned for the next post on How to install windows 7 from USB in Virtualbox.

Feel free to share your thoughts and also tell us if you know any better way to Install Windows 7 On VirtualBox Virtual Machine.

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