5 Best Ways to Use an Antivirus in 2022 [ Must Read ]

Want to know the best ways to use an antivirus?

If yes, then you are in the right place.

Nowadays, cybersecurity should be a big concern for all computer users.

Whether you are a casual user dealing with Excel files or someone more advanced like a programmer.

Data theft and manipulation are everywhere & causing lots of damage.

And the worst part is that they are rising day by day & have devastating results on users – from crippling large companies to stealing your data.

Prolonged malware infestation may slow down your computer and can even corrupt your whole operating system.

And in such situations, you may also need to reinstall a fresh copy of windows.

So let’s see how this post helps…

5 Best Ways to Use an Antivirus in 2022

5 Best Ways to Use an Antivirus in 2021

But before we dive in further, I want to suggest you something.

In the above part, I have already shared how these malicious attacks are causing damage to the users and affecting their work.

And if you also want to save yourself from such situations then I have an advice for you.

I always recommend all users to switch to a dedicated antivirus software that can keep their data safe without any issue. For starters, you can install a free antivirus for Windows & can explore the features offered by them before committing to any paid subscription.

And in my opinion, this is a great way to form a general idea regarding which product is suited best for you.

Also, here we have listed the 5 ways to use your antivirus software most effectively:-

1. Enable Automatic Updates

Enable Automatic Updates

The most critical aspect of using antivirus software is to be up to date with the latest virus signatures. This not only helps your antivirus software to identify the latest malware but also helps in removing them accordingly. While Windows Defender receives such updates once every other day, dedicated antivirus software from a reliable cybersecurity software company tends to receive updates every few hours.

You can also enable the silent updates if you find these notifications distracting or prefer doing a manual update. Also, for an average user, it’s better to update these virus definitions once daily. And in case if your PC is not always connected to the internet to download the regular updates then be sure to manually update it whenever you are connected to the internet.

2. Do Not Use Windows Defender Along With a Third-Party Antivirus Software

Do Not Use Windows Defender Along With a Third-Party Antivirus Software

Although, this is not a big problem because Windows Defender automatically gets deactivated whenever you install any other antivirus program. But in case if this does not happen then you need to disable the Windows Defender manually. Otherwise, this can be a quite problematic situation as Windows Defender may prevent your Antivirus software from functioning properly. And this can also lead to wastage of system resources and clashes in functionality.

And this situation not only occurs with Windows Defender but also may happen whenever two different Antivirus Programs are installed on the same computer machine.

3. Enable Real-Time Protection

Enable Real-Time Protection

Enabling real-time protection is one of the best ways to use an antivirus program. Because prevention is better than cure and that is exactly what real-time protection does. One thing which I like about this feature is that it constantly monitors your activities and prevents activities that may allow malware to enter your system.

Here is how it helps:-

  • It prevents you from accessing potentially dangerous websites by cross-checking the URLs with its database.
  • Checks and notifies you of any malicious email and automatically scans email attachments & other files after downloading them.
  • It prompts you to perform a scan whenever you plug in a USB storage device.
  • Additionally, the presence of a firewall monitors abnormal network access by your installed applications which is a hallmark of malicious activity. It also offers protection against unsafe public networks.

4. Turn On Scheduled Scans

Turn On Scheduled Scans

Turning on scheduled scans is a good way to protect your PC from any malicious attacks. Just you have to schedule it according to your convenience and it will automatically start scanning all your system files. This feature also helps you to save time and getting distracted from your important work.

There are two types of scheduled scans:-

  • Quick Scan: This checks the most critical areas of your system for malware. This is mainly limited to the drive on which your operating system installed & also checks other basic system files that are required for booting up. This is less resource intensive and therefore requires a less time to complete. Also, running a quick scan after installing new software or programs is a good practice. And the best part is that you can even schedule them to run once a week.
  • Deep Scan: This not only does the task of a Quick Scan but thorougly checks each and every file in all the drives on your computer. This also includes any kind of USB Storage attached to your system. Although, this takes a long time to complete but it is well worth of your patience as it eliminates any chance of malware infestation on your system. And it is recommended to run one of these at least once a month.

5. Use Additional Utilities

Use Additional Utilities

If you are paying for anything then it’s better to use it fully and explore everything about it. Most of the software companies also provide some additional utilities with their main program. And it’s better to take advantage of all of them because this can help you in making your PC better.

Here are two additional utilities which are mainly provided by any Antivirus Software Program:-

  • System Vulnerability Scanner: This checks for security vulnerabilities for all the applications that are installed on your system. This becomes especially relevant if you don’t have automatic Windows Updates turned on because you do not wish to install all the updates all time. Moreover, Windows Update also tends to install the software you may not want or need. In that case, the vulnerability scanner notifies you only about updates relating to system security and stability.
  • VPN ( Virtual Private Network ): This is the best thing that you can get as an additional utility from any antivirus program. It helps you to create a private network that allows you to anonymously browse the internet via public network for more privacy. And the best part is that it also allows you to access content that is blocked by your local Internet service provider. Moreover, experts suggest using premium versions as it offers more features. But if budget is your concern, then there are amazing VPN deals that you can avail to get discounts.

Some FAQs

  1. How can I use antivirus?

    First, download & install any good antivirus program on your PC. Once installation is completed, open it and then go to scan options to scan any device or media for viruses. It’s always recommended to turn on automatic updates.

  2. Is it worth having an antivirus?

    Yes, antivirus is a must thing if you are using your PC or Laptop for some important work. Because security breaches are increasing day by day and antivirus will provide you with an extra layer of protection.

  3. What is the best antivirus for personal use?

    Here are some best antivirus which you can use:-
    1. Bitdefender Antivirus
    2. Kaspersky Total Security
    3. McAfee Internet Security
    4. Norton 360 Deluxe

  4. What are the main things a good virus protection program should do?

    5 Main things a good antivirus should have:-
    1. Real-time virus protection
    2. Automatic virus detection & removal
    3. Advanced detection algorithms
    4. All newly updated virus definitions
    5. Ransomware & other malware protection

That’s it for now…


So that’s all about some great ways that you can use any antivirus program effectively. There are the absolute essentials which we believe every user with dedicated antivirus software should implement to make the most of
your subscription. Have a secure and hassle-free computing experience!

Also if you searching for any questions like “What kind of antivirus we should use?” then I recommend Bitdefender.

Feel free to share your thoughts and also tell us if you liked this post on 5 Best Ways to Use an Antivirus in 2022.

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