Bypass Google Drive Quota Exceeded Download Limit [Fixed]

Want to fix google drive download limit?

If yes, then this post is definitely gonna help you.

GDrive is one of the most popular cloud storage services.

And the features they provide are impressive.

One feature which is really like is creating direct links to google drive files which is also known as File sharing.

Using this feature you can easily share your GDrive files on the internet for free.

Although, this feature works great but it also has some limitations like “Google Drive Quota Exceeded“.

Whenever too many users have viewed or downloaded the specific file in recent times.

Can't View or Download this File

It shows an error ” Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time. ” and your download limit per day has reached.

So in this post, I will show you how to fix or bypass the google drive quota exceeding limit error.

Let’s see How it works…

Bypass / Fix Google Drive Quota Exceeded Download Limit [2020]

Note:- Sometimes you also got an error like this “Download Quota exceeded for this file, so you can’t download it at this time.” and both these google drive errors are the same.

Download Quota Exceeded for this File

And has the same solution & can be fixed easily, the only thing you need is a Google account.

So Let’s get started & follow these steps.

1. Sign in to Google Drive Account

The first step is to Login or Sign in to your Google Drive Account.

Sign in Google Drive Account

And please make sure there is some free storage space in your GDrive.

Free Storage Space

2. Change or Edit URL of Specific file

Now Open the Url in your web browser of that specific File for which you want to bypass google drive download limit.

Open URL in Web Browser

And Change or Replace the uc?id part of the Url with the open?id. Like I have shown below.

Change URL to Bypass Google Drive Download Limit

Original URL:

Changed URL:

3. Add to My Drive

Now on the Right-hand side corner Click on Add to My Drive button.

Add to My Google Drive

After that Click on My Drive and then Click on Add Shortcut.

My Drive

And this file will be automatically synced or added to your Google Drive.

4. Create a Copy of File

Now Open your Google Drive account and search for that Specific File. Now Right Click on it & then choose Make a copy option.

Create a Copy of Google Drive File

Note:- This method works well with both shared Files and Folders stored on Google drive storage.

5. Download the Files

After copying the file, Right Click on it and select the Download option from it.

Downloading the Copied File

And then Click on Download Anyway.

Download Anyway

And Done! You have successfully fixed or bypassed the google drive quota limit per day.

Bonus Tip:- I would recommend you to use IDM or other Download Manager to download large files like  2gb or greater.

Internet Download Manager

That’s it for now…


So that’s how you can easily fix the Google Drive bandwidth limit to upload and download files without any restriction. So what are you waiting for, Go ahead & start downloading the files without any limits.

You can also follow the same method for Onedrive & Dropbox files.

Stay tuned for the next post on how do I fix google drive Http 403 error.

Feel free to share your thoughts and also tell us if you know any better way to Bypass Google Drive Quota Exceeded Download Limit Fix.

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