5 Reasons to Hire Remote Development Team For Your Business

Want to Hire Remote Development Team?

If yes then you are in the right place.

In this competitive digital era, only those brands that can offer excellent customer experience can survive.

Entrepreneurs do have the vision for revolutionizing the organization but they lack the appropriate tech team to convert their vision to practicality.

And this is the reason why several business leaders need a team of efficient remote developers.

Moreover, the costs, talent scarcity, and scalability have become common issues among businesses that want to thrive online.

And it’s not easy to hire a remote team of developers who ticks all the boxes and be a success.

In this article, I will show you how to hire remote developers and 5 reasons for hiring with advantages for employees and employers.

So without further ado, let’s get started…

5 Reasons to Hire Remote Development Team For Your Business

Believe it or not, hiring a remote development team proves to be very useful when it comes to streamlining the workflow and boosting your productivity. By hiring them, companies can access the best talents from different parts of the world. Moreover, they are proficient, efficient, punctual, problem solvers, and flexible in their tasks.

Now let’s see the 5 reasons in detail and know why you should hire a remote developers team for your business needs.

So, let’s dive in further…

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1. Cut Operation Costs

Cut Operation Costs

Working with a remote development team is a perfect decision if your project is only for a few months or weeks of time. And in that scenario, hiring a permanent full-time developer is not a good decision. Because you have to bear all the expenses related to hiring, onboarding & training them, only for working short period of time, making your investment worthless. The global market of outsourced services is evaluated at more than $92 billion.

Often, people are misled that the low costs are associated with lower payments. But people don’t look for remote developers for hire to pay low hourly fees. You can find developers, which actually cost a lot and even more than in-house employees. Yet, they might still be way more cost-efficient as an option.

2: Have Access To Global Talent

Have Access To Global Talent

Sometimes local talent isn’t qualified enough. There is a gap of skills, or there aren’t enough professionals to cover your needs. This is when you hire a remote development team. The internet allows us to find talent from every point of the world.

This is how outstaffing agencies have been given life. Several regions have emerged as outsourcing hubs – Eastern Europe, South and Southeastern Asia, and Latin America ( USA ). You can find companies with more than 300-400 dedicated developers that can suit your needs. And all have been tested.

3. Optimize Your Workforce

Optimize Your Workforce

The internet is available around the clock, and so are your customers. If you don’t have customer support available to address problems or questions, this will turn away a lot of potential buyers. Offering round-the-clock support lets you build strong relationships and convert a greater number of visitors into customers. By offering 24/7 customer and tech support, you address many issues in time, avoiding client frustration.

Also, working with remote teams can be very easy, especially when companies contract with more than one outsourcing agency. It is important to understand that remote workers are self-disciplined and familiar with time tracking software. Therefore, they can manage their time better than local employees, especially in projects with strict deadlines.

4. Flexibility


Business environments are changing. And so you should. An in-house team is not flexible. There is a strict hierarchy, and many people are employed on long-term contracts. Also, you cannot afford to sack experienced team members if your business struggles financially since employees will find another job, and your whole investment in your workforce might be in vain.

But working with remote teams is easy. You can hire more people if you need them and then reduce the workload. Many outsourcing agencies have more than 100 dedicated developers, and they can allocate resources whenever needed.

5. You’ll Save Time

You'll Save Time

It goes without saying that remote developers are an asset that everyone wants to have. Whether you want to find one or many, it is down to you. However, there are multiple case studies that prove that you can achieve way better turnaround times with remote developers. After all, they want to complete more projects, and it is in their best interest to be quick, too.

Now let’s move to the next part…

How to Hire Remote Development Team [ 7 Steps ]

How to Hire Remote Development Team [ 7 Steps ]

Here I hope that you have got an idea of how beneficial these developers are and can save money by hiring them for part time. Also, when it comes to software development, a talented team of developers is required. So, that this team can aptly meet the development requirements within the required time.

Moreover, the following section gives an understanding of how to hire a remote development team. And once you have all the details about your project, you can follow the below steps:-

So, let’s get started…

1. Choice of Preferred Location

Choice of Preferred Location

If you are on the lookout for affordably priced developers than the EU and US then you can hire remote developers from Asia, Eastern Europe, or Latin America. But if your requirement is non-dependent on location then you can choose remote programmers throughout the world, based on the price and skills.

2. Choice of Correct Engagement Model

Choice of Correct Engagement Model

If you chose the freelancer or remote programmer network models for your project then you can shortlist candidates depending on the below criteria:-

  • Technical Skills (check whether it fulfills your requirements)
  • Developer Location (check whether it fulfills your needs)
  • Developer Cost (check if they are in your budget or not)

Once you have shortlisted candidates based on your requirements, you can dedicate your time to scrutinize their profiles.

3. Hiring Your Remote Development Team

Hiring Your Remote Development Team

When it comes to hiring a dedicated remote development team, you can consider below points:-

  • Check how motivated candidate is for delivering your product.
  • Make sure the team you hire are great at soft skills & communication skills.
  • Project management is challenging if there is a culture barrier or the use of strong language.
  • Carry out multiple interviews if needed; don’t holdup feedback.

4. Onboard Your Hired Team

Onboard Your Hired Team

After you have chosen and recruited your dedicated remote developers, now it’s time to include them in the team. For this, consider the below points:-

  • Introduce the hired team to the project management toolkit and some quick training if required.
  • Elucidate your chosen communication strategy to them.
  • Train the team about your data security protocol.

5. Set Objectives, Priorities, and Tasks

Set Objectives, Priorities, and Tasks

Keep in mind that the first team meeting of any project is significant. It is also significant for distributed development teams. So, you need to set priorities, goals, and assign tasks to each remote programmer.

6. Manage Efficient Teamwork with Team

Manage Efficient Teamwork with Team

Good communication is essential to keep everybody working efficiently and on track. So, it is important to create a powerful open communication channel among your remote programmers.

7. Team Up with Your Remote Team

Team Up with Your Remote Team

Make sure there are regular sync-ups. Let your remote programmers reach you for any queries. Moreover, making a familiar work culture is really important for any team to work for a longer time. Not only this, your teammates should feel free any time reaching to you.

Now let’s move to the next part…

Key Advantages For Employees

Key Advantages For Employees

  • Boost In Productivity: Owing to flexibility, accountability, and relative ease, remote developers promise high work productivity than in-house resources.
  • Enhanced Work Satisfaction: Since the transportation hardships and commute time is cut down, the remote working developers contribute to positive inputs in their tasks. Consequently, this leads to enhanced work satisfaction.
  • More Accountability: Since the work is accomplished remotely, developers stay responsible for their tasks. Hence, the same assist to build up credibility and increases job responsiveness.
  • Competent Time Management: Remote developers stick to various time zones. Accordingly, they become competent to systematize their workflow more efficiently.
  • Broad Career Opportunities: Development companies and projects throughout the world are on the hunt for expert remote developers. Therefore, they benefit from wider career opportunities than the in-house developers.

Key Advantages For Employers

Key Advantages For Employers

  • Flexibility: Due to the sheet flexibility to recruit remote programmers for a particular project, the company attains great freedom. Also, they enjoy simplicity in talent acquisition and workforce management.
  • Cost Competitiveness: Because of remote engagement, employers can save the whole cost sustained by workplace utilities, office space, IT infrastructure, and a few other resources.
  • Access to Enormous Talent Pool: The process of remote hiring enables development companies to hire a massive pool of experts from various backgrounds.
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement: The easy and flexible engagement guarantees supreme ease for remote developers. This leads to enhanced employee engagement and output.

Some FAQs

How do I hire a remote development team?

7 Steps to Hire Remote Development Team:-
1. Choice of Preferred Location
2. Choice of Correct Engagement Model
3. Hiring Your Remote Development Team
4. Onboard Your Hired Team
5. Set Objectives, Priorities, and Tasks
6. Manage Efficient Teamwork with Team
7. Team Up with Your Remote Team

How much does it cost to hire a team of developers?

This totally depends on the developer’s location, if you are hiring from the USA or Canada it’s $70-120, for Brazil or Mexico it’s $30-65, and for Germany it’s $35-80 per hour.

How do I hire a software development team?

If you want to hire a software development team then you can use various platforms like upwork, linkedin or can directly contact freelancers.

How do I hire a remote app developer?

Follow these steps when hiring remote app developers:-
1. Set all goals, priorities, and needs of the project.
2. Look for positions ideal for developers.
3. Search for all possible candidates.
4. Start screening and select them.
5. Provide them with a job offer.

That’s it for now…


Whether you believe in remote work or not, there’s no denying that hiring dedicated developers for your project will positively impact the outcome. Using remote teams might even help you accomplish more than you envisaged. So if you wonder whether or not to hire a remote developer, don’t think twice.

Hopefully, this detailed post has cleared all your doubts and helped you in making your team better.

Stay tuned for the next post…

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