Welcome to BuildSomeTech !

Welcome to BuildSomeTech. 3 years back, I started this website with the motive to share my knowledge and experiences with Technology. All the knowledge which I will be sharing on this website will be based on my personal experience.

This website will not only help you guys in solving your daily tech-related issues but will also help you in gaining some new interesting knowledge and facts about the technology.

But before we dive into more depth of this website, I feel that you should know something about me.

Hey guys, I am Abhay Gautam founder of BuildSomeTech. By education, a Computer Science engineer who also loves to research about these tech things in my free time.

Furthermore, I love to watch science fiction movies, play outdoor sports, and explore more about technology hacks and facts. Using the new software, application, and surfing the web is been my favorite pass time for several years.

And now the love for technology has grown so much that I have also started writing about these magical tech things.

This is the main reason why I have started this website because this will not only help you guys but will also help me in increasing my knowledge gradually.

Moreover, the main intent of publishing the articles on this BuildSomeTech is to solve the daily tech-related issues which users face while using PC, Laptop, and the Internet.

I know that there are many such related websites online there.

And I have also visited them but sometimes I find articles written in a very technical way as I am also unable to understand them properly.

But on my website, I will make sure that all the articles getting published here will be written in such a manner so that even a non-technical person can easily understand and implement them.

So on this website, you will get all the articles in the easiest possible way on different topics related to:-

Can you ask me Questions?

Of course, if you face any problems related to these topics you can directly question me using our mail or contact form.

And also feel free to comment your thoughts and feedback anytime.

Enjoy the love of technology with BuildSomeTech!

Abhay Gautam

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