What is GyStation.exe? Is it a Virus? [Ultimate Guide]

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On daily basis, we use our laptops or computers but we don’t know which files & processes are important for us.

And there are hundreds of processes which are always working but we are unaware of them.

And GyStation is one of them, which is an executable file present on your computer.

Basically, this is a .exe file that is present on your computer’s root folder and can also be seen in the running processes.

Also, I have seen many users searching for different queries like “Is it a Virus?“, “Is it safe?” and “what is it for?“.

Although, there are many .exe files that work like a virus but this doesn’t mean that all the executable files present on your operating system are harmful.

And that’s why before going to any conclusion, let’ get some more knowledge about this.

So let’s get started.

What is GyStation.exe?

What is GyStation.exe

GyStation.exe is an executable file that belongs to the Gyazo software application which is developed by Nota Inc. ( NOTA Software Developer )

Basically, this a file that is executed when the Gyazo application is launched, which can also be seen in the system’s background. And some users also call this running process as Gyazo Station.

Not only this, I have also seen this .exe file using all the resources that are allocated to other executable files and processes. I have seen this process running in all Windows OS including Windows 10, 7, 8 & XP. But I am not sure about the macOS because I haven’t used this app on them.

Now let’s see more details about the Gyazo app.

What is Gyazo?

What is Gyazo

Gyazo is a screen capturing app that helps users to take screenshots while working on Windows, macOS, and Linux. This application also helps users to take screenshots & create GIFS while surfing on the web online.

Although, this application really helps users in doing their tasks but the worst part is that it also collects all your information which you are surfing online. Some users have also complained that this app is recording their keyboard inputs and affecting their systems vigorously.

I am not totally sure that if this Windows app is helpful but can be dangerous if not removed on time.

Now let’s see some more facts.

Information about GyStation.exe File

GyStation.exe Process File in Windows Task Manager

Image Credit: File.net

Although, I have already talked about the Gystation.exe process earlier. But here I will give you some more info about this file.

Since In the above section we already talked about the GY Station and all about its processes.

And from that, we can say that it is not a Primary windows file that comes with the operating system. (Might cause problems if misused)

Now let’s see the location of the file & where it is stored.

Product nameGyazo Station
Company nameNota Inc.
File LocationC:\program files (x86)\ Gyazo\
Size of the file3, 095, 840 bytes

And if you go to the above location and double click on the file, It will start running. You can see the service Gyazo Station running in the processes that can be stopped anytime.

Also if you want to remove this file, you can go to the Control Panel and can delete the Gyazo app.

Delete Gyazo App using Control Panel

Now let’s see how safe it is to run.

Is GyStation.exe safe to run?

YES! GyStation.exe is safe to run. But can be dangerous if safety measures are not taken.

Also, check out what most of the users do with this file.

Is GyStation.exe safe to run

Image Credit: freefixer.com

Although, Nota Inc. is a trustworthy company but many users have reported that it tracks user’s online activity and also records keyboard & mouse inputs while surfing online.

And all this is done by the internet connection used by the Gayzo application which is connected to the developer company.

Now let’s move to the next question.

Is it a virus or malware?

No! GyStation.exe is not a virus or malware. But can cause damage to operating system files if manipulated.

According to the VirusTotal report, this file has detected no virus in it.

Is it a virus or malware

Image Credit: freefixer.com

As we all know that malware or virus mostly affects the .exe files and then the other files present on your computer. In that case, you must be aware of any files before running them.

And you won’t believe that there are some malware that can easily get into your computers and can name itself Killernetworkservice.exe.

And mostly all these malware are located at C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System 32. So be aware. 🙂

Now let’s move to the next part.

Best Practices to Resolve GyStation Issues

1. Use Guest Account: If you really want to use this Gyazo app but you afraid of viruses or leaking of any data, then I would suggest you to Gystation.exe in another user’s profile or guest account. ( Will reduce risk )

2. Check Startup Programs: I would suggest you to regularly check all your startup programs for any suspicious files. You might also find the GY Station program in startup running.

3. Use Task Manager: Using a task manager on regular basis can help you in keeping an eye on all the processes running in the background. And you can use it to disable or enable different processes.

4. Use Clean Manager: You can use the default clean manager (cleanmgr) provided by Microsoft. This will not help you to clean process files but will also help you to remove the unwanted files.

5. Use Anti-virus or Anti-Malware: In today’s time using an antivirus or antimalware on your PC or laptop is a must thing. Because it not only detect and remove viruses from your system but also protects you from ransomware, malware & Trojans. One program which I recommend is Malwarebytes.

Quick Tip:- Always enable Windows Automatic updates.

Now let’s move to the next part.

How To Uninstall or Delete GyStation.exe

Now, if you want to remove or delete GyStation.exe file from your system then follow this step-by-step guide.

1. First, Go to the search bar and then type “Control Panel” & press Enter.

Control Panel

2. Now click on Uninstall a program.

Uninstall a program

3. After that navigate to the Gyazo Station or Nota app in the list of applications.

4. Now select Gyazo App and then click on Uninstall.

5. Now Reboot your PC and all your files will be removed.

And if the file is still not deleted, then you can navigate to the given location and can delete the GyStation file or can run the uninstaller.

Location:- C:Program Files > Nota > Gyazo Station > Gyazo Station > GyStation.exe_uninstall.exe

That’s it for now.


So that’s all about the GY Station process file or program. Here we have explained almost everything about this file which is important. And according to 60% of users, it is advised that to remove this file as it is dangerous.

But you can still use it, by following all the above safety measures & can also get answers to the questions like “Can I disable GyStation?

Stay tuned for the next post.

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