What is KillerNetworkService.exe? Is it a Virus? Safe?

Want to know what is KillerNetworkService.exe?

If yes then this post is definitely for you.

We all know how to use computers but do we actually know which processes and files are important for us.

There are thousands of processes that are always actively working but we have no idea about them.

And similarly, Killer Network Service is one of them, which is a .exe file present on your program file’s folder.

Primarily, the .exe file is an executable file located on your computer’s root folder and this can also be seen in the running processes.

Moreover, I have also seen many users searching for different terms like “Is it a Virus or Malware?“, “Do I need it?” & “Can I uninstall it?

And if you pay attention to the above executable file, then you will feel that it is a virus and can harm your computer OS files.

But before going to any conclusion, I think we should get some more information about this.

So let’s dive in further…

What is KillerNetworkService.exe?

What is KillerNetworkService.exe

KillerNetworkService.exe is an executable file that belongs to the Killer Network Service software which is developed by Rivet Networks LLC.

Primarily, this is a process file that is executed when the Killer Network Service application is launched and this can also be seen under the Task Manager running process as “Killernetworks.exe“.

Mostly, this process can be seen running in Windows Operating System like Windows 10, 7, XP & 8. This .exe process file also uses all the resources which are assigned for the other processes & executable files.

And many users have also complained that this .exe executable file is causing high usage of CPU & GPU.

Now let’s see more details…

Information about KillerNetworkService.exe File

KillerNetworkService.exe File Process in Task Manager

Image Credit: File.net

I know we have already discussed KillerNetworkService.exe in the above section. But here we will dig deeper and get some more details about the Process file and what is it for?

Basically, Killer Network Service (KNS) is a background service that monitors all the processes that use network connection & allocates resources to improve the gaming experience. Some users also call it Killer Performance Suite.

And I think that’s why it creates a huge impact on CPU or GPU usage.

Since, the KillerService.exe is not a primary windows app that comes with the Windows OS. (Might cause an error if misused)

Now let’s see the location of the file…

Product nameKiller Network Service
Company nameRivet Networks LLC
File LocationC:\program files\ Killer Networking\ Killer Control Centre
Size of the file2,067,168 bytes

The size of the above file may vary in Windows 10, 7, 8 & XP as compared to other Operating Systems.

And if you want to turn on Killer Network service, then just go to the above location and double click on it & it will start running. You can also check the service running in the process tab of Task Manager & can be stopped or disabled anytime.

If you are not sure that this file is safe or harmful, then you can also delete it from the Control Panel.

Windows 10 Control Panel

Now let’s see how safe it is to run…

Is KillerNetworkService.exe safe to run?

Yes! KillerNetworkService.exe is safe to run. But sometimes it may cause an error and can be dangerous if safety measures are not taken.

And here is the screenshot of the recent survey of this file.

Is KillerNetworkService.exe safe to run

Image Credit: freefixer.com

According to 33% of users, it is safe to use but 67% say it is dangerous and should be removed as soon as possible.

However, Rivet Networks LLC. is a genuine company but according to the users, it has a very bad reputation. Also, some users think that the company is tracking user’s online activity using the Killerservice.exe file.

And for tracking purposes they are using the LAN Connection (Internet Connection) used by the users and all the data is being sent to the developer company.

Now let’s see is it a virus or malware…

Is it a virus or malware?

No! KillerNetworkService.exe is not a virus or malware. But can cause an error to the operating system files if modified.

According to the VirusTotal report, the file has no virus in it.

Is it a virus or malware

Image Credit: freefixer.com

But we can’t ignore this because most of the viruses are in the form of .exe files and also affects the other .exe executable files present on your computer. In that scenario, be aware before running any program.

And you won’t believe that some malware can even change their names and can infect any file present on your PC with every startup.

And generally, these viruses are found in root locations like C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System 32. So be aware 🙂

Now let’s see how to fix killer network service high CPU usage issue on Windows 10 computer.

Killer Network Service High CPU Usage

Many users have reported that the Killer Network Service is causing high CPU or GPU usage issues. And after searching a lot about the KNS service I got my answer.

And this error is only occurring because the KNS handling too many processes at the same time and sometimes all these processes are not compatible and might cause high CPU issue.

Eventually, this also leads to high disk usage, high network usage, and high GPU usage. ( You can check out in the Task Manager )

And fortunately, this has a very quick solution.

1. Go to the search bar and type “CMD” or “Command Prompt“.

CMD Command Prompt

2. After that click on the “Run as administrator” option.

CMD Run as Administrator

3. Once the command prompt is opened, then type “DISM.exe/online/clean-image/Restorehealth” and then press Enter.

Killer Network Service High CPU Usage

This command will help you in repairing your system files without losing any data files.

Tip:- You can also run the “resmon” command to open the Resource Monitor and select the killernetworkservice.exe process and then click on End Process.

resmon Resource Monitor

Now let’s move to the next part…

Best Practices to Resolve Killernetworkservice Issues

1. Clean Computer Files: Cleaning computer on daily basis really helps in solving such issues. Not only this, but it will also make your computer work faster and efficient.

2. Use Antivirus Programs: If you want to get rid of such issues and viruses then installing an anti-malware or anti-virus program on your system is the best decision. Because these days viruses like Trojans, Spyware, trackers, and keyloggers have become so common.

3. Use Clean Manager: I would suggest you to use Clean Manager (cleanmgr) to remove such files. And the best part is that it will also delete all the unwanted hidden files present on your computer.

4. Use Task Manager: Using a task manager at frequent intervals can help you in finding suspicious files and processes that are running in the background. (MSConfig can also help)

5. Windows Automatic Updates: Enabling Windows Automatic Updates is a must step for Windows 10 users. Because the frequent major updates really helps in solving such issues and also helps in updating the new virus definition.

Bonus Tip:- If you still want to use this Killerservice.exe file then please back up your data first before running it.

Now let’s move to the next part…

How To Remove or Uninstall KillerNetworkService.exe

I have seen many users searching for “Can I uninstall Killer Network Service?” and if you are one of them, then the answer is right here.

Just you have to follow this step-by-step guide.

1. Go to the search bar & type “Control Panel” and then press Enter.

Control Panel

2. After that click on the “Uninstall a program” option.

Uninstall a program

Note:- And perform the same, you can also Go to System Settings and then click on the “Add Or Remove Programs” option.

Windows 10 Settings

3. Now navigate to the list program and then search for “Killer Network Manager Suite“. Once you find the program, click on Uninstall.

4. After that remove & uninstall the Killer Wireless Drivers.

5. Once all is done, Reboot your PC and all the files will be removed.

And if some files are still present, then navigate to the given location and manually delete all those Killer service files.

Location:- C:Program Files > Rivet Networks > Killer Network Service > Killer Network Service > KillerNetworkService.exe_uninstall.exe

That’s it for now…


So that’s all about the Killer Network Service process file and its high CPU usage issues. In this post, we have tried to explain almost everything about this file that is required. And according to 33% of users, it is dangerous & should be removed from your system.

But you can still use it, by taking all the above safety measures in mind and I hope you already all the answer to the questions like “Do I need Killer network service?

Stay tuned for the next post on Qualcomm Atheros Killer Network Manager.

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