How to Recover Deleted Photos or Files using Recuva [Windows 10]

How to Recover Deleted Photos or Files using Recuva [Windows 10]
Have you accidentally deleted the wrong photo? If yes then this post on How to Recover Deleted Photos or Files using Recuva is definitely for you.

These days photos have become a precious thing in our life. We click hundreds of photos daily and upload them on internet.

According to Quora, Over 60 million photos are shared on Instagram per day.

But sometimes while filtering these photos we accidentally delete the wrong photo.

You don't have to worry as it happens with everyone most of the time.

But If you act quickly & take some steps you might be able to recover them.

Let's see How.

How to Recover Deleted Photos or Files using Recuva

Recuva is one of the best free photo recovery software which I personally use. Whenever I want to recover deleted photos or files I always use Recuva. It is easy to use and fast as compared to other software.

So Let's get started with Recuva and follow this step by step Guide.

1. Download and Install Recuva

Recuva Wizard

Note:- I highly recommend you to download the "portable" version of Recuva. Because installing new software may decrease the efficiency of recovery.

2. Select the File Type

  • Select the desired File Type "What sort of files you are trying to recover" 
  • As for Photos I choose Pictures & Click Next.

File Type Pictures

3. Select the File Location

  • Select the desired File Location 'Where the files were present'.
  • You can choose any of them. For example, If I want to recover deleted photos from Recycle bin I will choose In the Recycle Bin.

Recover Deleted Recycle Bin Files

4. Enable Deep Scan

  • Check the Enable Deep Scan box and Click Start.
  • Now Recuva will start scanning your deleted files from the given location.

Enable Deep Scan

Note:- Deep Scan will scan your deeply buried files but it will take more time depending on your system.

5. Select the desired file and click on Recover.

  • After completion of scanning, it will show you large number of files.
  • Select the desired files and Click on Recover button & select the location where the recovered files will be stored.

Recover Deleted Files

Do not select the same location for scanning and storing the recovered files.


This is how you can easily retrieve your deleted photos or file using Recuva. Using this Recovery software you can easily recover your deleted files from PC, Sd Card, USB Drive and Recycle bin. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and Use this awesome software to recover deleted photos or files for free.

Feel free to comment below and also tell us if you know any better data recovery tool than Recuva.

If you liked this post, Don't forget to share this with your friends and also help them to recover there lost files.
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