13 Best Free Unlimited VPN for Windows 10 in 2022

Searching best free unlimited VPN for Windows 10?

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It is vital to use the Internet securely on your PC and stay protected from hackers’ attacks.

And the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help you in this. Because it lets you access the internet more securely with an encrypted connection.

But the majority of the VPN providers need a monthly fee if you wish to use their safe server network. But there are some VPN services that also provide a free connection.

And the best part is that all these free Windows VPNs have unlimited bandwidth and data limits. Moreover, these services also excel in terms of privacy level and support a no-logging policy.

So, let’s get started with the list of VPNs…

13 Best Free Unlimited VPN for Windows 10 in 2022

In this list, we have only listed those VPNs which are trustworthy and compatible with almost every platform whether it’s Windows, Android, iOS, and more. Also, these VPNs providers are the best in giving privacy and security services at free prices.

Apart from this, you may also find some paid VPNs in this list. Because if sometimes you like to upgrade to the premium then also have an overview regarding that.

And here is the list of free unlimited VPN for Windows 10.

1. NordVPN


In terms of security, data limit, and bandwidth limit, NordVPN is the best free unlimited VPN provider. Every server present on the network comes with an unlimited data limit and bandwidth limit. This implies that can you download or upload anything from the Internet. At once, it supports 6 devices. When it comes to OS compatibility, it can work with Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, and Android.

There is support for AES-256 encryption. OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec protocols are supported. NordVPN appends an additional security layer by providing Kill Switch which automatically terminates the connection once connectivity is lost.

2. ProtonVPN


For those aspiring to get a free VPN service without data limits, the ProtonVPN is a suitable option. On most devices, it can work flawlessly. For example, it can work on Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Chromebox, some routers, etc. Exceptional security is guaranteed because ProtonVPN supports AES 256-bit encryption.

The free version of this VPN service comes with a speed limit. This is understandable considering the number of people who use the limited free ProtonVPN servers. Moreover, you can register multiple accounts with unique email addresses. Consequently, you can protect each of your devices through a separate ProtonVPN account.

3. UltraSurf


UltraSurf is a freeware, lightweight VPN. It prevents firewalls through proxies. Moreover, it implements encryption protocols for ensuring privacy. The same encompasses security on public WIFI and concealing your IP address.

One of the best aspects of UltraSurf is you can use it directly without registration. It protects your privacy online with anonymous browsing and surfing. Furthermore, Ultrasurf automatically hides your IP address; it also clears cookies and browsing history. The list of platforms it can work with includes Windows, Android, Linux, and Apple macOS. Moreover, Ultrasurf presents an appealing user interface.

4. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield - Best Free Unlimited VPN for Windows 10

Recognized as one of the finest VPN for Windows, Hotspot Shield comes with a data limit of 750 MB per day. It allows you to watch content from Users can see content from 15 countries. At once, it can support up to 5 devices. Various streaming services it supports include Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, BBC player, Sling TV, and Disney+.

Operating systems it can work with include Android, Mac, iOS, Windows, and extension for Chrome. Furthermore, the service from this VPN is supported on more than 3200 servers across 70 countries. The only downside of using Hotspot Shield is that it displays plenty of ads.

5. Browsec


Obtain a fast Internet speed of up to 100 Mbps with the Browsec. It is a free VPN that provides an unlimited data limit. It avoids site blockers irrespective of geographical restrictions. With the supported encryption algorithms, your data always stays safe.

You can begin using Browsec VPN with a single click. No hidden fees or registration fees are involved. There is a facility of private Internet access on various platforms. The corresponding software is accessible for those browsers that utilize the chromium engine. Some of the prevalent browsers’ name it is compatible are Firefox and Opera.

6. Psiphon VPN Mobile and Windows PC

Psiphon VPN Mobile and Windows PC

Psiphon uses SSH, VPN, and HTTP Proxy technologies to serve you with open access to Internet content. Your Psiphon client would automatically acknowledge the new access points to boost your odds of bypassing censorship. There is no data limit. Also, the odds of data leaks are zero.

Whether it is games or social media or VoIP, this VPN service is exceptionally designed to let you access your favorite online content. Moreover, the maximum speed for a mobile app is 2 Mbps. However, this speed is a bit slow for some web activities.

7. hide.me


The hide.me is a reliable free VPN that permits torrents but restricts access to Netflix. This VPN provider presents both free and paid subscription options. With the free subscription, you gain access to 5 servers across 4 countries. The names of these countries are Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and the USA.

The data limit is 10 GB / month. For safe operation, it supports AES 256-bit encryption. Since hide.me is a zero-logs VPN, the provider does not save any info about internet activities you accomplish. In terms of privacy, this is a good feature. Besides, the free version provides you 24/7 access to customer support.

8. TunnelBear


In terms of data security, speed, and visual interface, TunnelBear is an appropriate VPN to consider. Its interface is clear, appealing, and easy to use. Its visual style is exceptional and easily recognizable. Moreover, its website is quite simple to navigate. Within a few minutes, you can accomplish the installation process.

The data limit when using TunnelBear is 500 MB / month. You can access this VPN on Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS. Furthermore, you can use this free VPN on multiple devices simultaneously. Even in the free version, TunnelBear gives you the flexibility to opt from all of its accessible servers spanned across countries like the UK, USA, Japan, Canada, France, India, etc.

9. Windscribe


Windscribe presents a reliable VPN service that functions with nearly all devices and operating systems. You can use it on Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and FireTV. The data limit is 2 GB / month. But if you opt for sharing your email address with Windscribe and also verify your account then you can obtain a 10 GB / month data limit.

The number of servers and countries are respectively 610 and 63. The price of its plan begins from $9 / month. If you are confused about any of its features, you can directly approach the Windscribe team through Live chat support.

10. Betternet


Offering unlimited data, Betternet is also renowned for providing exceptional security. It supports 128 bit encryption and 256 bit AES encryption. At a time, it supports 5 devices. The OS compatibility highlights iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, and Chrome extensions.

This VPN supports 11 servers and its service can be accessed in 10 countries. Moreover, Betternet assists you to access blocked websites and defend your privacy. In its free subscription plan, Betternet provides a distinct application for Windows 7, 8, and 10. The price plan for individual users starts at $11.99 / month. The peer-to-peer connection is supported.

11. PrivadoVPN


This VPN comes with a 10 GB / month data limit and supports 12 server locations. For data security, it is implemented with the AES 256-bit encryption standard. There is no speed cap which means that you will enjoy fast connectivity.

PrivadoVPN flawlessly works with Windows, Android, Android TV, iOS, Mac, and Fire TV. What makes it stand unique is that it can also function with Netflix. This feature is not found in many other free VPN services. Torrenting is never an issue with PrivadoVPN. You can download several varied torrents when connected to the PrivadoVPN. Consequently, the process goes on smoothly.

12. ZoogVPN


Zoogvpn is a free zero-logs VPN provider that supports a limited number of servers. These servers can be utilized on one device at once. The unique attribute of ZoogVPN is it provides several encryption protocols. The free users can opt from OpenVPN and IKEv2. On the other hand, the paying users have extra protocols to opt from. However, for most users, OpenVPN will meet their needs because it is perfect for speed and security.

The data limit is 10 GB / month. You can access Zoogvpn on Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Windows devices. Also, it supports FireTV and AndroidTV.

13. Speedify


Speedify VPN service can be accessed from 20+ server locations. This VPN service is popular for offering fast speed. The data limit is 1 GB / month. At once, you can access it on 5 devices. The user interface is clutter-free, easy to use, and appealing.

Its bandwidth limit is 2 GB. This limit may prevent you from doing excessive streaming and downloading. However, you can still unblock famous streaming services like Disney Plus, Netflix, ABC iview, 9Now, Amazon Prime, and more.

Some FAQs

What is the best free unlimited VPN?

Here are some of the best free unlimited data usage VPNs and the best part is that you can also use all these VPN for streaming purposes:-
1. ProtonVPN
2. UltraSurf
3. Hotspot Shield
4. hide.me
5. Windscribe

How can I get unlimited VPN for free on PC?

To get unlimited VPN without any restriction for free on your PC you can try any of them:-
1. ExpressVPN
2. ProtonVPN
3. Betternet
4. PrivadoVPN
5. ZoogVPN

Is there a free VPN with unlimited data?

Yes, there are many free VPNs with unlimited data but the only downside of them is the speed limit. For example, ProtonVPN, Ultrasurf, Hotspot Shield, Browsec, and Psiphon for Mobile and PC.

How do I install VPN Unlimited on Windows 10?

Installing VPNUnlimited is pretty easy, just download and install the app from the official website. After that, go to Windows Firewall > Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall and then change settings to enable checkboxes of VPNUnlimited and OpenVPN, click OK.

That’s it for now…


Without any expense, these VPNs for Windows 10 benefit you with exceptional security, fast speed connectivity, and wide OS compatibility. Most of them come with outstanding data limit that meets most of your needs.

Also, if you know any better VPN that should be added in this list then please let us know via comments below.

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