Install Windows 10 On VirtualBox Virtual Machine: How to Guide

How to install Windows 10 on Virtualbox?

If this is the same question that is popping in your mind, then you are definitely gonna love this post.

In the previous posts, I have already talked about the process of installing android on VirtualBox.

And I think this would be my last post in this series of Virtualbox.

As I have already covered almost every OS including Ubuntu, macOS & ChromeOS.

You can click on the given link & check out these posts.

Nowadays, Windows 10 is one of the most popular Operating systems available in the market.

And if you also want to install and take advantage of this Windows 10 OS on Virtualbox, then this post will definitely guide you further.

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Let’s see how it works…

How to Install Windows 10 On VirtualBox

But before we dive in further.

Please make sure that you have Windows 10 ISO for Virtualbox.

And if you don’t have it, then you can also download it from the official Microsoft site.

Also if you have the windows 10 bootable media creation tool, then you can also use that.

After that, you need an Oracle Virtualbox & its Extension Pack.

Virtualbox: Download Link
Virtualbox Extension Pack: Download Link
Windows 10 VirtualBox Image: Download Link

Now I hope you have downloaded all the above-mentioned files.

Note:- Also please make sure that the Hyper-V, VT-x or AMD-V virtualization features are enabled on your BIOS settings.

So Let’s get started…

1. Download & Install Virtualbox

First, Download and Install the Virtualbox application on your PC from the given link.

Install Virtualbox Application

2. Install Virtualbox Extension Pack

And then install the Virtualbox Extension Pack properly. So, double-click on the downloaded extension pack file and then click on Install.

Install Virtualbox Extension Pack

Note:- Installing this would help you in connecting your USB drives & other devices properly to the virtual machines.

3. Open Virtualbox

Once both the things are installed on your PC, then Right-Click on the Virtualbox.exe file on the desktop and then select Run as Administrator.

Open Virtualbox

4. Create Windows 10 Virtual machine

Now to create a new Windows 10 Virtual machine, Click on the New button icon.

Create Windows 10 Virtual machine

After that, a dialog box will appear which will ask you for the Name of the Virtual machine and its type of OS and its version. So, simply type the name “Windows 10 VM“select the Type as Microsoft Windows and Windows 10 64bit as the version. And Click Next. 

Windows 10 64bit

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5. Allocate Memory RAM Size

Now it will ask to allocate the RAM Memory to the Virtual machine. And for Windows 10 the recommended memory size is 2Gb or 2048Mb. So, Click on Next.

Virtual Machine RAM Memory

Note:- I would recommend you to please not allocate the full memory of your host system. The best option would be to only select half of the RAM present on your host machine.

6. Create Virtual Hard Disk

Next is to create a virtual hard disk or hard drive for your virtual machine where this Windows 10 OS will be installed & all the files are stored. And the recommended Size is 50gb. So, select & Click on Next.

Create Virtual Disk

Now select the hard disk file type as VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) and click on Next. 

VirtualBox Disk Image

Now select the Storage on physical hard disk as Dynamically allocated and click on Next.

Dynamically allocated

And at last, select the File location and size of the virtual hard drive and click on Create.

Virtual Hard Drive Size Location

And Done! You have successfully created your Win 10 virtual machine. But before running it, we need to configure some settings.

7. Configuring Virtual Machine

Now select your Windows 10 virtual machine and click on the Settings button icon.

Windows 10 virtual machine

And your Settings dialog box will open up where you can easily configure your settings like Video RAM memory, Processors and USB Ports.

But now to install windows 10 we only need to configure the Storage settings part.

So click on Storage, then in the storage devices section (Controller: SATA) Click on Empty and then in the Optical Drive section, click on the Cd icon & then select Choose a disk file… So that you can directly install the windows 10 on Virtualbox using the ISO file instead of booting from USB.

Windows 10 VirtualBox Image

Now Browse your computer & then navigate to the Windows 10 ISO image file and then select & Click on Open.

Windows 10 ISO image file

That’s it! Your windows 10 Virtualbox is ready to run.

8. Run Windows 10 VM Virtualbox

Now Open Oracle VM Virtualbox Manager, then select Windows 10 VM and Click on Start.

Oracle VM Virtualbox Manager

After that, it will start booting and loading windows 10 setup files.

Booting Windows 10 Setup

And Done! You can see that Windows 10 is running properly on VirtualBox.

Windows 10 Running on VirtualBox

That’s it for now…


So that’s how you can easily run and install windows 10 on a virtual machine using Virtual Box. If you are a developer, then you can also use the same method to install the Windows 10 technical preview ISO file.

Similarly, you can also follow the same process to install it on the other virtualization software like Virtual PC & VMware.

Stay tuned for the next post on How to install windows 10 from USB.

Feel free to share your thoughts and also tell us if you know any better way to Install Windows 10 On VirtualBox Virtual Machine.

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  1. Hi, Abhay.
    Thank you for this fine tutorial!
    Following along, I just got a request to enter a product key to activate Windows. Thought there was no need for one.
    Take care.

  2. Thank you for the Windows installation guide. The screenshot made it easier to follow. Thanks for the support.


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