Where to Watch Avatar 2 Online Free? – Full Movie Streaming

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After almost waiting for more than 10 years, this movie franchise has released its new sequel called “Avatar: The Way of Water“.

Some users call it Avatar 2022 because it is releasing in the same year and others are calling it part 2 of this film.

Whatever the name is, we are sure that this blockbuster movie is going to break all records at the box office like the 1st part in 2009.

If you don’t know much about the first part of this film, then I would recommend you to watch it and then move to the Avatar 2 movie.

And once you are done watching part 1, you can easily watch Avatar: The Way of Water online for free. Furthermore, after reading this post, there is no need to again search for where-to and how-to guides.

So, without further ado, let’s get started…

Where to Watch Avatar 2 Online Free? – Full Movie Streaming

However, the release date of this new movie is 16th December 2022 but the avatar 2 trailer was released 1 month ago and has generated more than 40 million views. This clearly shows the anticipation of the fans for this sequel and it is growing day by day as the theatrical release date is coming near.

Apart from that, I would recommend watching avatar 1 before this new sequel because the storyline of both these parts is going to be connected and soon 3rd part will be going to release in upcoming years. Moreover, after that, it will be easier for you to understand and watch avatar 2 full movie free in English, Hindi, and Tamil using different streaming platforms.

I know that it’s getting harder to stream movies for free but by using the below-mentioned steps it will be very easy to watch online. Also, I suggest you to read this full article and pay attention to each and every small piece of information given.

So, let’s dive in further…

How to Watch Avatar: The Way of Water For Free?

How to Watch Avatar The Way of Water For Free

Since we already know that Avatar 2009 is available on Amazon Prime Video and if you have not watched it yet, then go ahead and experience the amazing visuals and the epic storyline. And being an official streaming partner of the avatar movie franchise we can assume that the latest part will be soon launched after the theatrical release. So according to me, this is the best way to watch Avatar 2 or Avatar: The Way of Water online.

Also, this is the most genuine way you can use to view this movie without facing any buffering or low-quality audio issues.

  1. Go to Google Chrome or any other browser.
  2. Now activate your “30 Days Free Trial” of Prime Video.
  3. After that, fill in your card details and you will get the subscription for free.
  4. Now login to your Amazon account, then search for “Avatar: The Way of Water” and start playing it.
  5. Or you can also watch from Extramovies but let’s check what happened to it.

Note:- I suggest you to cancel this subscription before 30 days if you want to watch it for free without paying for an amazon prime subscription.

Where Can I Watch Avatar 2 Full Movie Online Free?

Where Can I Watch Avatar 2 Full Movie Online Free

As soon as the release date is coming near, fans are getting excited and search for different queries which we have answered here. And if you are still looking for how to watch avatar 2 movie then here I will share some other platforms where Avatar: The Way of Water will be streaming for free in different languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, and many more.

Apart from that, there are some other sites that you can use download avatar 2 full movie in HD 1080p resolution but we don’t recommend them because we don’t support piracy of content. Doesn’t matter if you are living in Australia, US, UK, or Canada, you can always use a premium VPN to unblock geo-restrictions.

Soon it will be released in cinemas but if you want to know when is avatar 2 coming out on OTT platforms then check the given link. Below I have listed 4 streaming platforms that may release this movie on their official website and you can enjoy it at your home.

  • Netflix
  • Disney+ Hotstar
  • Vudu
  • Yahoo View

Avatar: The Way of Water – Release Date, Cast, and more

Soon this blockbuster movie will be released in the theaters and we will be again diving into the pandora world which amazes us every time. Hopefully, if you want to watch or download Avatar 2 movie then check the above section which gives a free way to do that. But here we will be discussing more about the other informational things about this movie.

Avatar 2 Release Date

One of the most exciting films of 2022 is going to release tomorrow 16 Dec 2022. Although, it was going to release somewhat earlier but because of COVID-19 it was delayed and postponed. And you won’t believe that the filmmaker and producers have changed the dates of this movie at least 8 times. And we are sure that everyone is happy with Avatar The Way of Water release date because everything is now stable and this movie going to break all box office records. If we look at the advance booking then currently 5.49 lakhs tickets are already sold and more are coming.

Avatar: The Way of Water Cast and Crew

Avatar The Way of Water Cast and Crew

Talking about the cast of Avatar 2, all the main roles are done by the old cast but some other new members are brought into the play. Jake Sully and Neytiri are still the main characters but Grace’s daughter also going to have some focus which is named Kiri. Other than this there are some new roles for children like Neteyam, Tuk, Lo’ak, and more.

  • Sam Worthington as Jake Sully
  • Zoe Saldaña as Neytiri
  • Giovanni Ribisi as Parker Selfridge
  • Stephen Lang as Colonel Miles Quaritch
  • Joel David Moore as Dr Norm Spellman
  • Edie Falco as General Ardmore
  • Vin Diesel as TBC
  • Michelle Yeoh as Dr Karina Mogue
  • Sigourney Weaver as Kiri
  • Cliff Curtis as Tonowari
  • Jemaine Clement as Dr Ian Garvin
  • Kate Winslet as Ronal
  • CCH Pounder as Mo’at
  • Bailey Bass as Tsireya (“Reya”)
  • Britain Dalton as Lo’ak
  • Trinity Bliss as Tuktirey (“Tuk”)
  • Jamie Flatters as Neteyam
  • Filip Geljo as Aonung
  • Matt Gerald as Corporal Lyle Wainfleet
  • Dileep Rao as Dr Max Patel
  • Oona Chaplin as Varang
  • Brendan Cowell as Captain Mick Scoresby
  • CJ Jones as TBC
  • Jack Champion as Javier “Spider” Socorro

That’s it for now…


So, that’s all about the avatar 2 full movie online free watch platforms and where you can easily stream them without any issues. Moreover, you can also search on Dailymotion for the release because sometimes the movies are leaked early than the actual time.

Also, we have tried to cover everything and soon will be updating if anything comes up related to this.

Stay tuned for the latest posts…

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