Windows 10 Lite ISO Download 2023 [ Official Version Link ]

Want to download Windows 10 Lite ISO 2023?

If yes, then you are in the right place.

Although, Win 10 is considered as the most powerful operating system of Windows developed by Microsoft.

But to run this powerful OS you also need good PC specs or hardware. And that’s why most of the low-end PC users are still running the old seven version.

But from now onwards this will not happen because recently a super lite Windows 10 edition has been released which is not only ultra lite but users can also use it for gaming purposes.

Apart from that, it has all the important features of the original version and everything loads super fast within a few seconds.

And if you also wanted to experience it then let’s get started with the download links of ISO file given below.

What is Windows 10 Lite Version?

What is Windows 10 Lite Version

Windows 10 Lite OS is a custom-made operating system that is available for users who need exceptional fast speed & also want to get rid of those heavy applications. You already know that there are lots of apps installed on your PC that you haven’t even touched but they are still on the system and making it slow and also consuming space.

In this edition, developers have removed all those in-built apps that are useless and made this amazing OS. Moreover, some users also call this Windows 10 version as ultra slim or pro ultra lite like mobile devices coming these days. And the best part, this works really well on your old laptop, computer or PC and gives you all features at a good speed.

Windows 10 Lite ISO Download 2023 Link [ Official Version ]

Windows 10 Lite ISO Download 2022 Link

However, there are lots of sources from which you can easily get this ISO image file but here you will all the updated and working links every time with high speed. One thing which I really liked about this lightweight Windows 10 ISO is that it is not only fast, ultra-lite, or ultra-smooth but comes in a very small size of 1GB.

Also, note that none of the files are hosted on our website, we are just providing the free download links which are reliable, fully working and available on the internet.

And here are the direct links:-

Check out:- New Tiny11 Windows Edition

And if you are searching for “windows.10.lite.edition.v6.x64.2018.iso” which is very popular among users then the above link will also help you out.

Now let’s move to the installation part…

How to Install Windows 10 Lite on PC?

If anytime you have tried installing Win 10 on your PC then this task will be much easier for you. And if you don’t know much about this then first learn how to make windows 10 lite bootable USB and then follow the given below steps:-

Before moving further, I hope you have downloaded the ISO file.

  1. First, create a bootable USB installer.
  2. Now configure your BIOS settings to boot properly.
  3. After that, start the installation process.
  4. Now set up disk partitions and other settings.
  5. After that, click on the Install now button.
  6. Once installation is done, configure Windows 10 lite preferences.
  7. Now create a username and password.
  8. At last, it will start finalizing the settings and done.

And if you are facing any type of issues then check out this video.

Windows 10 Lite System Requirements

We have already discussed about the performance of this OS working with a slow processor and RAM. But you won’t believe that all these are the same requirements that are required to install Windows 10 on Virtualbox or any other virtual machine.

HardwareMinimum Requirements
Processor1 GHz with 64-bit support like Intel Pentium 4
StorageFree space of at least 20GB
RAM1GB for 32-bit and 2GB for 64-bit
Display1366 x 768 or 1920 x 1080 with HD support
GPUDirectX 9 version

Key Features of Windows 10 Lite 2023

Although, we have already talked much about this operating system in the above sections but here we will see the full Windows 10 lite review with all its major features. Not only this we will also see how helpful these cool features are and which of them are removed and why.

Now let’s see each feature one by one:-

  • Super Lightweight & Easy to Use: The main intention of the developers was to make this Windows 10 light so that it can easily run on any basic system.
  • New Start Menu GUI: Basically, this start menu looks like a combined version of 10 and 7 versions. Also, they have removed the photo app from the menu and its live tile feature.
  • Gaming Experience: Many of us think that this version is for basic users but I have also seen many users who use windows 10 lite for gaming so that they can more power and speed.
  • Enhanced Performance: If we compare the performance of Win 10 lite OS then this works very much faster and you can also switch within apps very quickly.
  • Internet Explorer 11: This 11th version was very basic with fewer features and I think that’s why they have added this browser so that it can be only used only for browsing purposes.
  • New Task Manager: Like the start menu they have made the task manager light and removed functions that were actually not required.
  • Other Cool Features: Dark Theme, Xbox Live, Dobly Atoms, Focus Assist, New Photo Editor & Photo Viewer, MS Paint, Battery Saver, Windows Media Player & Groove Media Player.

Some Removed Features

  • Weather widget: If you noticed that there is one widget that generally popup when the cursor is moved and that’s they removed the weather app from the taskbar.
  • Animation features: Most of the fancy features that were lagging or creating some issues with the speed of the system like screensavers and more.
  • Windows firewall: This operating system still have the firewall but only thing is that they have removed the user interface of the application.
  • Security updates: No security updates are given to this OS because if someone updates it then it may break their computer or PC.
  • User account control: This feature keeps you informed that which application is going to launch if is critical or new to the system.
  • Microsoft Apps: Most of the in-built apps are used very less often and that’s why they removed Microsoft Edge, Cortana and also disabled the meet now app permanently.

Some FAQs

Is there a Windows 10 Lite version?

Yes, there is a Windows 10 Lite version but it is not provided by Microsoft. However, it’s completely reliable, stable and also comes in different editions such as Home, Basic, Pro, Education, and Premium.

Which Windows 10 is lightest?

Windows S is the fastest and lightest edition of Windows 10. It is also known as the stripped-down version and is specially designed for educational and business purposes.

Is Windows 10 Lite faster?

Yes, Windows 10 Lite is faster as compared to the original version. It is slim, light, fast, and has all the important features except the bloatware such as Meet Now, Cortana, Skype, Microsoft Store, etc.

Is Windows 10 ISO free?

Yes, Windows 10 ISO is completely free to download but to activate it you need the license key or the product key. Apart from that, you can also get the ISO of Windows 11 which is the latest operating system.

That’s it for now…


So, that’s all about the Win 10 lite version and how you can download its ISO file using the above-given links. You may also find this operating system in different editions like Home Basic, Home Premium, Pro ( Professional ), and Education.

Moreover, I would love to know your experience with this new OS for your laptop, computer, or PC.

Stay tuned for the latest posts…

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