Download Windows Server 2022 ISO, Azure, and VHD

Want to download Windows Server 2022?

If yes, then you are in the right place.

Almost after 3 years, Microsoft has launched the latest version of Windows Server. ( RTM Stable )

And this is another great release after the Windows 11 OS. (If you haven’t checked yet, here is the Insider Preview Build )

Apart from this, this latest version is much more advanced as compared to the Windows Server 2019 and has lots of new features.

Also, this Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) release and is considered to be built on the top of Server 2019 version.

And according to Microsoft, Windows Server 2022 release will get regular updates for 5 years and this may get extend for 10 years.

So, let’s get some details about this…

Note:- Facing issues with the KB5022291 update, check here.

What is Windows Server?

Windows Server is an operating system that is built for server usage. Basically, this OS provides you the infrastructure for data storage, networks, web services, communication, application, and enterprise-level management. Moreover, the latest version of Windows servers like 2022 is the most stable, secure, efficient, and performs better than the previous ones.

This version of the server can also be used on Microsoft Azure, Hybrid systems, and other machines to connect remotely by using the IP address of the machines. Using this you can join other computers to a specific domain & can create different domain users.

Windows Server 2022 System Requirements

But before directly going to the download links, I would suggest you have a look at the minimum system requirement that are required for the latest version of Windows Server released in 2021.

Windows Server 2022System Hardware Requirement
CPU or Processor1.4 – 2Ghz 64-bit processor with support PrefetchW, CMPXCHG16b, NX and DEP, and LAHF/SAHF
RAM Memory512 MB – 2GB Minimum Required
Disk Space Minimum 32 GB Free Storage
NetworkEthernet Adapter of at least 1Gbps with PCI Express architecture specification
Display1024 x 768 HD Resolution
OtherSupport UEFI 2.3.1, Secure Boot, EPT or NPT, and ( Trusted Platform Module ) TPM 2.0

Now let’s move to the next part and check out some great features & improvements done in this latest version of the Windows server.

Key Features of Windows Server 2022

According to Microsoft, this 2022 Windows Server is considered as best server OS till now after 2019. They have also updated so many features, which have extensively improved the performance of this new OS. But here we will only share some of the major upgrades done.

  • Server Message Block (SMB) encryption with AES-256-CCM and AES-256-GCM cryptographic support. This also helps in faster compression and decompression of files.
  • Improved Security with HTTPS and TLS 1.3, TLS 1.2, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.0.
  • For secure communication, SMB is taken over QUIC capability. Basically, this can also be used as a VPN replacement for faster & Secure communication with TLS 1.3 protocols and UDP support.
  • Supports DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) for encrypting the DNS queries using HTTPS protocols.
  • Improved performance in terms of Advanced protection, Preventative defense and Simplified security as compared to Windows Server 2019.
  • Higher Security with Secure Boot, Firmware protection, Malware, Hardware-level vulnerabilities & virtualization based security (VBS).
  • Updated Admin Panel with new features to track server consumption and also to track different types of requests.
  • Supports Azure Arc that helps in managing and giving permissions within the Azure environment.
  • Supports Hotpatching: By this feature, there is no need to reboot your system after installing new updates.
  • Supports Easy Migration: Users can easily migrate between two different servers like from on-premises to Azure.
  • Supports Azure Stack HCI: Helps in improving the compatibility between different servers with Kubernetes.

That’s all about the major features, now let’s move to the next part.

How to Download Windows Server 2022 ISO, Azure and VHD

Although, downloading Windows Server from Microsoft is a pretty easy task. But some users still find it difficult and that’s why in this part I have shared 3 different ways to download the VHD File, Azure, and ISO image file.

All the below-mentioned ways work really great, just you have to figure out which one suits you best according to the requirements.

You can also download Windows 11 ADMX, from here.

So, let’s get started…

Microsoft Evaluation Center

If you want to download the ISO or VHD file, then Microsoft Evaluation Center is the best option for you. But after downloading the Windows Server ISO from Evaluation Center, you need to activate it within the first 10 days using the internet.

So, now follow the given steps…

1. First, Go to the Windows Server 2022 download page.

Windows Server 2022 download page

2. Now under the “Get started for free” section, you will find 4 different options to select according to your preference.

  • Sign up for a free Azure account
  • Create a Windows Server VM in Azure
  • Download the ISO
  • Download the VHD

Select Download the ISO option and Click on Continue

So, select the Download the ISO option and then click on Continue. ( Here, you can also select other options related to VHD and Azure )

3. After that you will see a form to complete, so enter all your details and then click on Continue.

Enter all your Details to Complete Form

4. Now select the language of the ISO file in which you want to download Windows Server 2022. So, I will select English and then click on the Download button.

Select the Language of ISO File

At last, it will start downloading the ISO Image file of Server 2022.

Downloading ISO Image File of Server 2022

MSDN (Visual Studio Subscription)

If you are a member of MSDN (Visual Studio Subscription), then you can easily download any Windows Server ISO file whether it’s 2022 or 2019. Moreover, You can also download it without any key or you can simply get it by clicking on the Get Key link.

Here, you may also find some more additional features as compared to the Evaluation copy which is shared in the above section.

So, log in to Visual Studio Subscription and then search for “Windows Server 2022” and after that select DVD & then click on the Download button.

Visual Studio Subscription- Select DVD & Click on Download

Microsoft VLSC (Volume Licensing Service Center)

VLSC (Volume Licensing Service Center) is also similar to the above section like Visual Studio Subscription. Similarly, login into this portal and then search for the ISO file, and then download it. But VLSC is only given to those people who are working in an organization.

Note:- I would suggest you to always download ISO files from trusted sources like Microsoft because you may find viruses in them.

How to Install Windows Server 2022

However, Installing Windows Server is a pretty easy task and is much similar to a normal Windows 11 installation. Since this operating system is new and may have some bugs n fixes and in that case, I would suggest you to first install it on a virtual machine and then on a physical machine.

And if you are new to this, then this quick guide will help you.

1. First, download the ISO file of Windows Server.

2. Use Rufus to create a bootable USB from an ISO file.

3. Now boot your machine using USB and after that, it will start loading the setup files.

4. After that, Microsoft Server Operating System Setup will open, so select the Language, Time, and Currency, Keyboard input and then click on Next.

5. Now click on Install now button, then choose between Datacenter and Standard OS for installation, and then click on Next.

How to Install Windows Server 2022

And then follow the on-screen instructions and after that, your Windows server will get installed on your system.

Windows Server 2022 Standard Vs Datacenter Vs Azure Edition

Although, all versions work great according to the requirements of the client but still every edition has some pros and cons, which will be covering in this comparison. Here we will be comparing different versions likes Windows Server 2022 Azure, Datacenter, and Standard.

So, let’s have a look at this table…

Features Available GenerallyWindows Server 2022 StandardWindows Server 2022 DatacenterWindows Server 2022 Datacenter: Azure Edition
Azure Extended NetworkNoNoYes
Best Practices AnalyzerYesYesYes
Direct AccessYesYesYes
Dynamic Memory (in virtualization)YesYesYes
Hot Add/Replace RAMYesYesYes
Microsoft Management ConsoleYesYesYes
Minimal Server InterfaceYesYesYes
Network Load BalancingYesYesYes
Windows PowerShellYesYesYes
Server Core installation optionYesYesYes
Server ManagerYesYesYes
SMB Direct and SMB over RDMAYesYesYes (not supported in Azure)
SMB over QUICNoNoYes
Software-defined NetworkingNoYesYes
Storage Migration ServiceYesYesYes
Storage ReplicaYes, (1 partnership and 1 resource group with a single 2TB volume)Yes, unlimitedYes, unlimited
Storage SpacesYesYesYes
Storage Spaces DirectNoYesYes
Volume Activation ServicesYesYesYes
VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) integrationYesYesYes
Windows Server Update ServicesYesYesYes
Windows System Resource ManagerYesYesYes
Server license loggingYesYesYes
Inherited activationAs guest if hosted on DatacenterCan be a host or a guestCan be a host or a guest
Work FoldersYesYesYes
Original Source: Microsoft


So, that’s how you can easily download and install Windows Servers 2022 on your system. Also, I would suggest you not upgrade from the previous version right now because you may find many bugs which need to be fixed.

Apart from this, in evaluation copies, you may not find the Azure (or Azure Stack HCI) Edition, so don’t worry we will update them soon.

Stay tuned for the next post on…

Feel free to share your thoughts via comments and also tell us if you know any better way to Download Windows Server 2022 ISO, Azure, and VHD.

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