Can I install Windows 11 on Intel Core i7-5820k?

Can I Install Windows 11 on Intel Core i7-5820k?

If you have been searching for this, then you are in the right place.

Like the other processors, this one is also facing issues while installing this latest operating system.

And day by day users are getting frustrated because of these new hardware and system requirements that are necessary.

But still, I have seen many users who have already found some ways of getting Windows 11 installed on an Intel i7 5820k processor.

However, Microsoft has clearly stated that only 8th generation CPUs will be supported and for that, they have also published a list.

But then after watching that, there are plenty of users which are still using their old generation systems they themselves introduced some hacks.

So, now let’s see what are they…

Can I install Windows 11 on Intel Core i7-5820k?

In the early days, this was one of the most affordable Haswell-E processors which was released in August of 2014. And that’s why most of the laptop manufacturers choose this Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5820k CPU @ 3.60GHz which gives you the performance you need to perform your everyday operations.

But when we checked the compatibility using the PC health check app, it shows that “This PC can’t run on Windows 11” message. Similarly, one more device known as Asus x99 was also struggling even after they upgraded the TPM chip on their system.

Intel i7-5820k Can't Run Windows 11

Now let’s see some more questions & get their answers…

Can 7th Gen i7 Run Windows 11?

Yes, you can easily run Windows 11 on the 7th generation CPU but due to the incompatible version of TPM, the company is not allowing it officially. All us of know that the core i7 processors are very powerful and that’s why most of the users are asking whether they run it or not.

And this problem is not only happening with the 7th Gen but there are many users who are facing this issue with other generations like i7 3770, i7-4600U, i7-5960x, i7 6700K, and many more. So, it is evident to say that all the processors that were manufactured before 2020 will not be supported by this operating system.

Is Intel Core i7-5820k Compatible With Windows 11?

No, the Intel Core i7-5820k CPU is not compatible with Windows 11. Although, the processor is fully suitable for this OS but if look at the other system requirements that are suggested by Microsoft then it is not. Also, many users were shocked when the update was initially released because of how they can abandon all these efficient CPUs.

And then after that, the company mentioned that this happened only because we want to increase security as the privacy of users is becoming very important for us. Not only this, but it will also prevent hackers from injecting malicious apps and will not be able to get any data.

Can I install Windows 11 on i7?

Yes, you can install Windows 11 on 7th gen i7 processor but no one can promise that the performance will be the same as compared to the newer generations. However, the Intel i7-5820k is a very popular chip but when it comes to the systems requirement, it doesn’t meet the required criteria like the 8th generation or higher ones.

Now we already know that only new processors will be supported by this operating system but somehow we have figured out some ways to bypass these requirements on chips like i7-7700K, i7-7567U, i7-7820HK, 5930K, and more. But one thing to note is that you will not be getting any direct updates for your systems like laptops, computers, or PC.

Does i7-5820K Support Windows 11?

No, according to Microsft the i7-5820K is not supported by Windows 11 OS because it does not has the right TPM 2.0 version and also lacking in some other hardware requirements that are mandatory for all users. Apart from that, there are plenty of ways by which you can still get this operating system by using registry hacks but it is not recommended by the company.

However, the 5820k chip is powered by an LGA2011-v3 socket, which is equipped with six cores and twelve threads, making it capable of powering every aspect of the system in this case. But due to the incompatible TPM chip, can cause security issues that are not good for anyone.

That’s it for now…


So, that’s all about the Intel i7 5820k CPU and how installing Win 11 can be done on an unsupported PC without experiencing any compatibility issues. Also, please note that you may face lower performance on the processors which does not belong to the 8th generation.

Moreover, you can still use Windows 10 as it will be supported by 2025 and you will also be getting all updates regularly.

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