How to Upgrade to Windows 11 From Windows 10 For Free

How to Upgrade to Windows 11 From Windows 10?

If you are looking for this question, you are in the right place.

After the release of the new Windows OS by Microsoft, the internet is buzzing all around.

And every tech geeks and developer are searching to experience this brand new Windows Operating system.

And that’s why in this post I will show you how to upgrade windows 10 to 11 for free?

And the best part is that they have almost changed everything in the operating system this time.

The new Windows 11 is looking fantastic and so many users like the design. Not only this they have also made the navigation faster and smoother as compared to the previous version of Windows 10.

So let’s get started…

How to Upgrade to Windows 11 From Windows 10 For Free

As this new operating system is getting stable, more users are upgrading to it. In the starting phase, lots of users faced many problems because of the new unsupported hardware issues but now all things are sorted & everyone can install it easily.

But before doing that, I would suggest you to check out this article on whether should i upgrade to windows 11 and then move further. And here in this post, we have shared 5 different ways to upgrade it for free.

So, without further delay, let’s get started…

1. Via Official Windows Update

Although, I always prefer to download Windows 11 ISO file from Microsoft’s official website. But this time ISO file is not yet released and that’s why we are trying to upgrade it using a Windows update.

And here are the steps to follow:-

1. First, click on Start Menu and then click on the “Settings” option.

Windows 10 Settings

2. Once you are in Windows 10 Settings, click on the “Update & Security” option.

Click on Update & security

3. Now once you are on the Windows Update page, click on the “Check for updates” option.

Check for updates

4. After that, it will start checking for new Windows 10 updates.

5. Now you will see a Windows 11 upgrade dialog box, so click on the Download and install button. ( It may take a few minutes depending on internet speed to complete )

Click on Download and install Windows 11

6. Once the installation is done, your Computer or PC will be restarted and then you will see a screen of completion like this.

Installing Windows 11 Upgrade File

Note:- If you are getting an issue like “Your PC does not meet the Minimum Hardware Requirements for windows 11” then, please make sure TPM or TPM 2.0 is enabled and then check your device compatibility using the PC Health Check app.

2. Using Windows 11 Installation Assistant

However, this way is also similar to the above one but in most cases, users do not get the update on time. And that’s why Microsoft has officially built this utility to upgrade to windows 11 from windows 10 without losing data on any PC using this assistant.

And here are the steps to follow:-

1. First, download Installation Assistant from the given link.

2. Once the file is downloaded, double-click on it and then click on the Accept and install button.

Click on Accept and install button

3. After that, the assistant will start downloading the installation files to upgrade your PC.

Downloading Installation Files to Upgrade

4. Once the all files are downloaded, you will see a message “Your PC needs to restart to install Windows 11” and then click on Restart now button.

Click on Restart now button

Note:- In this process, your system may reboot multiple times so don’t worry, it’s totally normal.

3. Via Official Media Creation Tool

Like Windows 10, Microsoft also provided a Media Creation Tool for Windows 11 using which you can easily create the installation media manually. Although in our recent posts, we have already used this tool to make a bootable USB which you should definitely check.

Apart from that, you can also check out this quick guide.

1. First, download the Media Creation Tool from the given link.

2. After that, double-click on the file and then click on Accept button.

Click on Accept

3. Now select the language and edition according to you.

select language and edition

4. After that, select the USB flash drive as media to use.

Choose which media to use

5. Now select the desired USB from the Removable drives section & then click on the Next button.

Select USB from Removable drives section

6. After that, it will start creating the media, and then you will see a message “Your USB flash drive is ready” at the end.

Your USB flash drive is ready

Note:- If you don’t know about the usage of this USB drive then check out this detailed post on how to install Windows 11 from USB without any issues.

4. Using Microsoft Windows 11 ISO

Similar to the 3rd method, this also helps you to manually upgrade to Windows 11 from any operating system that you are using. Just you have to download the ISO file, run the setup file, and then follow the instructions.

And here are the steps to follow:-

1. Go to the official Windows 11 download page from here.

2. Now scroll down and under the “Download Disk Image (ISO)” section, click on the drop-down menu & select the Windows 11 (multi-edition ISO) option.

Select Windows 11 multi edition ISO option

3. After that, click on the Download button and then select the product language & click on Confirm button.

Click on Confirm button

4. Now a new link will be generated, so click on the 64-bit Download button. You can also download the official Windows 11 RTM Build from this link.

Click on 64 bit Download button

5. Once the file is downloaded, copy-paste the ISO file to the USB drive.

6. Now open that USB, and double-click on the ISO file to Mount it.

7. After that, open the mounted drive and then double-click on the setup.exe file.

Double click on the setup file

8. Now setup will start loading files and then you will see the “Install Windows 11” dialog box, so click on the “Change how Setup download updates” link.

Click Change how Setup download updates link

Note:- Please make sure to uncheck the “I want to help make the installation better” box.

9. After that, select the Not right now option and then click on Next.

Select Not right now option

10. Now the setup will start checking for the requirements and then you will be redirected to “Applicable notices and license terms“, so click on Accept button.

Click on Accept button

11. After that, you will see a “Ready to install” dialog box, so click on the “Choose what to keep” link.

Click on Choose what to keep

12. Now select the Keep personal files and apps option and click Next.

Select Keep personal files and apps option

13. After that, you will again be redirected to the “Ready to install” dialog, so again click on the Install button.

Click on Install button

14. Now it will start Installing Windows 11 on your system.

Installing Windows 11

Note:- After the last step, wait for a few minutes to get the installation process completed. Like the above method, this time also your PC will be rebooted multiple times installing different updates.

5. Via Windows Insider Program

It’s very less often that I recommend this way to any basic users because Insider Program generally provides the beta updates which have very high chances of bugs and issues. But if you are a developer or a professional then you easily enroll in it without any problem.

Also, I would suggest you to always check if this new operating system is better than the previous one by seeing a comparison like this “Windows 11 vs Windows 10“. And once you are completely sure then only enroll to the program by following the given steps.

1. Go to the Insider Preview page and then click on the Register button.

Click on Register button

2. Now click on the Sign in now link & then click on Register now button.

Register Now for Early Access

3. After that, navigate to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program and click on Get Started button.

Click on Get Started

4. Now click on Link an account and then log in using your Microsoft account to continue further.

Link an account

5. After that, select the “Release Preview Channel” or “Beta Channel” and then click on the Confirm button. ( Again click on Confirm, if asked )

Release Preview Channel

6. At last, go to “Windows Update” and then you will see a message “Upgrade to Windows 11 is ready – and it’s free” & click on Download and install button.

Click on Download and install Windows 11

Now let’s move to the next part…

About Windows 11 Upgrade or Update

Windows 11 Upgrade or Update Free

Microsoft released Windows 11 on 24 June 2021 in India and after users went crazy and started searching for upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11. But didn’t find anything helpful on the internet to specifically use it. Although, Microsoft announced that there will be a free upgrade for Windows 11 for the users who are using genuine Windows 10. Till now, only the preview beta version is released and the official update is yet to come. But I have seen many users who have already upgraded their system to Win 11.

But still, most of the users are having some queries and asking questions in forums. And that’s why I would like to clarify one query here only.

When can I Upgrade to Windows 11?

You can upgrade to Windows 11 right now via Microsoft updates. And for that, you can follow the below-mentioned guide which shows you the full process of upgrading in a step-by-step way.

And this means that we can also do so. But before that let’s check if our Computer / PC fulfills the minimum system requirements.

Microsoft Windows 11 Upgrade Checker

Microsoft Windows 11 Upgrade Checker

Previously, when Windows 10 was released, so many users lost their data files present on their PC or Laptop. And Microsoft was so confused about how this happened and then they realized that those users tried to Install Windows 10 update forcefully using some hacks and tips. But they didn’t work out and eventually, they lost all their data.

And that’s why this time Microsoft has created a utility called the PC Health Check app tool. Basically, this utility is used to detect and tell if your computer or laptop is compatible with Windows 11. Just you have to run the application and it gives you a message if you will be getting any official update from Microsoft and if you are compatible with this latest Windows OS. It is also known as Windows 11 update assistant or upgrade checker tool.

And once you are totally confirmed that your PC is eligible for Windows 11 upgrade, only then you can move further.

Window 11 System Requirements

Window 11 System Requirements

According to Microsoft, there are no such system requirements for the new Windows OS. And the computers already running Windows 10, 8, 7 will be easily able to run Windows 11 on their PC or Laptop. But I have seen many users who have really less specifications and running Windows 7 on their system. And for them, they need first fulfill the minimum hardware requirements mentioned below in the table.

Windows 11Minimum System Requirements
CPU1.4 GHz Processor or faster. ( Support 64 bit & 32 bit )
RAM2 Gb for 32-bit and 4 Gb for 64-bit ( Minimum )
SSD or HDDFree Storage of at least 20 Gb
GPUIntel Graphics or higher ( At least Supports Directx 12 )
Display1600×900 HD Resolution or higher
System FirmwareSecure Boot Capable and UEFI Support
TPM ChipTPM 2.0 version
InternetMicrosoft stated that so many features will require internet connectivity

Now let’s move to the next part…

Some FAQs

  1. How many Languages Supported by Windows 11?

    Similar to Windows 10, this new version of Windows 11 also supports approx 40 different languages.

  2. Is it possible to update Windows 7 to Windows 11?

    Yes! It is possible to update Windows 7 to Windows 11. But it may be only available for Win 7 Sp1 version.

  3. How to check if I can run Windows 11?

    If you want to check if you can run Windows 11 on your PC then use PC Health Check app by Microsoft.

  4. How to upgrade win 10 to win 11?

    It is very easy to upgrade Win 10 to Win 11, just you have to follow the steps given in this post.

  5. Do Windows 10 users get Windows 11 for free?

    Yes, Microsoft officially announced that Windows 10 users who are using the genuine version will get a free Windows 11 update.

That’s it for now…


So that’s all about how you can easily upgrade from Windows 10 to 11 on any laptop, computer, or PC.  In this post, we have tried to cover almost everything about this new Windows OS and other things which are required to update your operating system.

Also, check out our similar posts like Windows 11 Pro vs Home and find out which version would be better for you and your work.

Stay tuned for the next post…

Feel free to share your thoughts via comments and also tell us about this post on How to Upgrade to Windows 11 From Windows 10 For Free.

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